Connecting with Asteya

Translated as non-stealing, in its simplest form Asteya is described as not taking from others.  Another aspect of Asteya is not longing for or covet what others have.  Do not take possesions of something that is not yours.
On a deeper level,  Asteya can also be interpreted as not stealing time from ourselves or others and appreciating our personal time and the time others dedicate to us.
With this in mind, let me share ways to incorporate Asteya into our everyday lives.

  1. Focus on not being jealous of what others have. The ill will has the power to steal energy and happiness from ourselves.  Jealousy also steals precious time away from our daily lives by worrying about what we lack, compared with others. By practicing being happy and content about what we have and not being envious of others, we are able to spend our time and energy wisely on other important matters.  This can also apply to being envious of those with a stronger yoga practice.  For instance longing for their strength, flexibility and comparing their level of practice.  Remind yourself that with constant practice mindfully, know that yoga asanas takes time to come at your own pace.  Never rush, slow and steady appeals to the yogic.


  1. Be mindful of the time of others.  By arriving on time punctually at yoga class so that you do not withhold everyone else who have made the commitment to arrive early is Asteya.  Sometimes it is not easy to anticipate how the morning unfolds. With this in mind, why not just set your alarm ahead of time giving yourself ample time to be mentally ready to begin the day.  Preparing the night before your yoga attire, books materials and lunches.  You reap the benefit of being present in time and setting yourself an awesome start.


  1. Block out some ‘Me Time’.  So often, we steal important time and energy from ourselves by unnecessary worries instead of allowing ourselves a moment of stillness.  Perhaps it is allowing yourself  to enjoy the sun, to meditate, to hike outdoors, to read a book, go to a café, making a nice meal or simply spending time by yourself doing nothing.  Lets decide here and now no more draining of precious energy.  Where you are and who you are is exactly where is meant to be.

Esther Ong
Sept weekday 200YTTC

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