Condemn and be trapped

Never act out of your mind, don’t feel guilty about being selfish and don’t feel you have done something great out of altruism, because that will also feel egoistic. The secret of joy is when you can get immersed in every activity that you do, you will feel you are not.  Nothing is a triviality. The seed contains the whole tree, the whole structure, all the dimensions.  Stop condemning yourself.  Don’t stop the flow, by condemning something as trivial.

I sit and do nothing, take a stroll, attending to the plants, nothing is trivial.  The flow will keep flowing.  You become “God” in those moments. Keep it flowing as a child who keeps playing as wonderful and wonders in the heart. Child functions from a state of not-knowing.  It is a natural no-knowing, not experienced yet, not a developed phenomenon. Each child innocent and full of wonder, lives moment to moment.  Don’t know the cunningness of adults. Wonders why people are quarrelling. Falling from the innocence is falling into Buddhahood.  How can you flow with people when you are hiding from them.  Deep in your conscious you know, you have to hide it, secretive.  The bigger the secret, bigger the distance. The same attracts the same. The like attracts the like.

Enlightenment comes out of choicelessness, with no choice. Everything that you do, it get documented, a feeling. Image

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