Code your main Ashtanga Asanas

You know your poses and their variations but you are still struggling with their Sanskrit names? Whether you are taking the 200hr Teacher Training Programme or you want to know your Asanas in Sanskrit this article is for you.

While trying to memorise all the Sanskrit asanas names, I realise that drawing them was something very easy. It really helped me to write my first lesson plans by adding a small drawing of the pose next to their respective names. This method was also really helpful for my teaching my first lessons during the Yoga Teacher Training. A quick look at my notes enable me to catch the name of the pose and the pose itself.

I find that compare to a picture this method also gives a quick and clear overview of the alignement of each pose. 

Some of poses below are really obvious when you look at them but for others I wanted to add a bit more information to avoid any confusion. Please take notes of the following to better understand the code. 

  • I draw an arrow on top of the head to indicate where the eye should gaze at
  • The arrow with a spirale means that this is a revolved/twisted pose
  • For the poses with variation A, B, C, D, I decided that we would only draw the first variation and I leave it to you to add on your paper which variation you want to refer to by adding either the letter A or B or C or D on top of the pose. This requires that you already know the variations of each asana.

Do you like it? Do you think this will be helpful for you? Please let me know I would be happy to draw more Asanas should this be of help.

By Elsa Gobet


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