Of cleansing and auras

A few weeks ago, we had a class that was different from the usual set up. We focused on breathing and did asanas at a much slower pace in a barely lit room. It was the first yoga class I’ve done in Tirisula where I didn’t find myself sweating – and that does not ever happen.

It was also at this class where we first tried our hand at Sutra Neti – a yoga technique of nasal cleansing using a thread (or tube in our case) . Guiding a plastic tube, albeit a thin one, into my nostril and pulling that end out from my mouth is not my idea of fun. It didn’t stop there either. You had to then floss it ten times. But, to be fair, it did not feel as bad as it looked. The human body’s nasal skeleton is meant to be pretty massive and if you were gentle enough, it was a manageable experience. I didn’t quite get the other end of the tube out of my throat completely but even then, I felt my nose clear up. It still amazes me how much yoga can benefit the human body.

And here’s why everyone should give Sutra Neti (under supervision for the first time) a go:

– Clean the nasal by getting rid of dirt caught along the mucus in the nostril

– Reduce the sensitivity of certain tissues in the nose which in turn improve conditions such as allergies and asthma

– Reduce occurrences of health problems such as sinus and headaches

The last part of the class had us sit across our partners and stare into each other’s eyes intensively for a good couple of minutes before closing and opening our eyes again –  so we could see the aura of the person sitting opposite you. I was quite blown away that I saw something.  Apparently, auras are like mood rings and much more, with each colour that appears reflecting a different part of who you are from emotional to physical aspects. Very fascinating and definitely something to do more reading on.

That weekend was such an experience and I’m thankful every day I have this opportunity to go through YTT.



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