When today Master Pallu spoke about Citta , I was very curious to understand as I found this small word very powerful .   So I decided to express Citta  in a non-scholarly and simple fashion. 

According to me” CITTA” 

Citta means consciousness or state of mind or awareness of something .


Citta is the whole mind and body awareness. It records everything that happens to us. It is created in our desires ,memories, emotions, habits, feelings, attachments. Our state of mind is perpetually changing depending on our mood or circumstances – we can be grumpy, sad , happy,  angry. These are inner expressions of human mind. As long as our consciousness is in turmoil there is no peace and balance within ourselves . If we want to get stability we have to concentrate on our whole body and mind in a holistic manner . Yoga helps us to find the stability within ourselves. This can be achieved with the help of breathing exercise, meditation, concentration and self absorption.

To Summarise, Citta is consciousness which is found in everything. It is the spark which enlivens everything. It can be at body level, mind level or intellect level.


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