“Citta Vritti Nirodhah” Patanjali

In Sanskrit, the philosophy of removal of thoughts & consciousness.  Free your mind and just breathe.  So simple yet many struggled.


Yoga has always been a “quick-fix for lunch” for all my life. Rushing through the 45 minutes session, doing the poses and back to work.  Most of the time I caught myself going through what to do next and even more stressed out for not being able to get into certain poses rather than enjoying the moment.  That was the version of yoga I have known until I embarked on the journey of Yoga Teacher’s Training.  I found out soon enough that I was wrong about Yoga all these years.


Yoga is not about getting into perfect poses or looking good in workout outfits.  For me, it was a therapy.  Learning to let go and breathe – in acceptance of yourself as well as towards others.   Be in the moment yet surprisingly calming.  I guess that is Inner Peace.   A therapy that I have never invested in.  A process that enables you to progress towards improved health and well-being through breathing techniques, postures, meditation that promotes behavioural changes.


Not sure how it happened but weeks into the program has somehow changed me – mentally, physically and spiritually.  It has always been the pressure to be perfect.  Now, it is all about the experience and the process to get there. 

  •  Mentally:  Learning to empty my mind then try the poses rather than forcing myself even when my body has surrendered.  Master Sree’s words still rang in my mind, “Empty your mind then try.  Sharpen your axe”.  Surprisingly, I found myself being able to get into the pose easier after that and enjoying getting the pointers to perfect it.  No longer a torture rather a better version of myself than yesterday. 
  •  Physically:  Struggling with recovery of recent rash reaction & back pain, not only the breathing techniques (Varun mudras etc) helped with the flare ups but the asanas (Trikonasa, Virabhadrasana) also toned up my body, muscles and strengthen my joints. Making me stronger and fitter than ever.
  • Emotionally/Spiritually:  Changed my perspective where it is okay not to be okay.  Learning to be more patient with my kids and let them have their space.  Removal of fear and frustrations and reconnect with my inner child to let go and have fun.


Yoga not only aligns the mind but also the body and soul.  It is a lifelong journey and I believe it can bring you new awakenings regardless of any level you are in (be it a beginner or a seasoned practitioner) if only you learn to empty your thoughts and just breathe…