The Chinese New Year Chakra!

No, there isn’t really such a thing, even though the Chinese concept of chi and meridian points is conceptually similar to prana and chakras. Some of us however may feel sluggish after feasting on all those goodies and could do with a bit of Manipura Chakra rebalancing, after Chinese New Year.

The Manipura Chakra is the third chakra, found just below the navel, and associated with our digestive system. When the Manipura Chakra is in balance, one has complete control over thoughts and emotions. Imbalances can result in poor digestion, ulcers, diabetes, liver, pancreas or kidney problems, and eating disorders.

Activities to rebalance the Manipura Chakra includes walking outdoors in the sun, since the chakra is associated with Fire. Asanas with twists and those that focus on the core can also help to rebalance the chakra and reset our digestive systems for the new year ahead!

Rachel L. – YTT Jan 2017

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