Yoga is generally about mind, body and soul, through practice we can find back the connections of these 3 and become a person with self awareness, healthy and mental stability. …Obviously I am still not there yet 😂    

What I experienced so far from 2 years of continuously practice is the mind easier to stay calm, despite busy routine of work and family. Things felt easier to handle when we have a calm mind.

For the body part through asana practice the body become balanced, it will “auto-correct” postures, sleeping routine and many daily habits. But need to take note try not do cause injuries during practice as you will need to rest weeks or event months to recover.

So far I don’t have much feeling about the soul as it seems too abstract for me. But overall I can feel brighter, lighter and not easily stress up.

Maybe its not easy to go practice through philosophy or seating for a long time to meditate, what yoga can do is though asana and pranayama practice, it bring more benefit than just an exercise that makes you perspire.