Children Yoga

Because my own exposure to yoga has been quite short, so I just want to briefly write my thoughts about it.

During my study at tirisula yoga school, I listened to the master Wei Ling mentioned some points about children’s yoga. It is quite simple to incorporate basic yoga action into children’s dance courses, for example, into the warm-up exercise, basic skills training etc. I found that the children liked it more than I imagined. At the same time I summed up some simple experiences:

1. Before doing yoga practice, can not eat too much, at least fast for half an hour.

2. To do yoga practice, let the child be comfortable and wear comfortable or elastic clothes; use yoga mats.

3. Children yoga practice focus on fun, do not need too much strength , do not overly pursue flexibility, because the child’s body is still in development, the main action should be about flexibility.

4. Children of different ages have different exercise strength and duration. Younger children are less likely to be quiet and focused, staying in an pose, the time should not be too long. Also, as the muscle balance and coordination ability is not as high, the intensity of action should be reduced.

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