My Changing Thoughts About Food After Yoga

Its only been one mouth since I started practicing yoga, but I’m experiencing a lot differences in the way I think about the world for example I think about food differently then I used to :I used to not think about food I was eating so much ( I thought that food is just the thing you eat everyday ,and very very delicious:):))
But now I’m starting to care about the processing of the foods and at the same time the appreciation of food as a source of energy and life
Firstly the appreciation of food is very easy to do . Everybody can do it any time, but also at the same time it is really easy to forget to do!  So I need to remind myself to always say thank you before i eat
Secondly it not easy but it is really important to think of processing of flood .like thinking for example “where did this vegetable came from?”
“how were the animals that give us their meat treated?”
“What kind of food additive did they use to make this?”
I been started to question these things. I believe the t you are what you eat no matter what daily exercise you do, if you eat junk food( junk meaning thing like fast food that has high calories but no real energy  at all ) you are not truly healthy. All junk food is bad. It not just about nutrition it’s the way they treat animals, it’s all the food additives they use to make vegetable  look fresh the processes they use to make food is not good  so if you think about all the negativity it will make you wanna eating that kind of food at all forever, but even if I have to eat junk food I will make sure I will give thanks before I eat it
So this is the way yoga made me change about the way I think about food!  it’s crazy  yoga making me change about the way I think about the world different in the good way  for example I starting to like nature, history  all the thing that I wasn’t even paying attention before knowing yoga and practicing yoga everyday:):):) so by paying attention to these thing I’m more joyful now
more that I lean about yoga I feel like I’m being more spiritual little by little and being spiritual  make me so happy

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