Changing habits

Birds of the same feathers flock together? Apparently so. Of the countless business and self improvement articles I’ve read, it always boils down to the company one has; if you hang around hardworking people, chances are you too, become hardworking. Similarly, if you hang around bad company, you will act in the same fashion.
It has come to my attention that people tend to be alike in terms of character or personality will somehow end up together. This phenomenon of “clicking” is due to the fact that they often, if not always, have the same thinking and habits. I’m not saying that some groups are superior than another but each has its own lure which is why some people prefer acting/thinking/behaving the way they are and are quite resistant to change.
Most of the time, we notice our habits but are never able to change it because we never actually know the root of the problem. After practicing yoga, a person’s self awareness is increased and senses are heightened. Being able to observe from a third person’s point of view, like how one would cringe when recalling teenage years, we realise our folly and actively change. This change is internal. The way one thinks and act would be different from before. Actions are made with a conscious effort. These actions would be noticed from the outside. People around would either rise up and change for the better or keep you from changing. Hence, the saying “surround yourself with good people”, if they are pulling you back, either help them up or leave them to prevent more harm inflicted on yourself.
Habits don’t change easily just like how you can’t switch to a healthy diet overnight. Which is why yoga practices and teaching come in play. Santosha, being contented with your currently position, the patience and assurance we get knowing that with practice, all will come.
I know my shortcomings but I also know that it takes time. I am fully aware that much work is needed if I were to break away from my bad habits, at the same time, I’m fully appreciative of those who has helped and encouraged me on my rehab course. With consistent daily effort, I’m sure I’ll get better. Let’s do this.
Work in progress,

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