My change of view of the universe of Yoga

It has been almost 3 weeks since I stepped the second time through the door of the Tirisula Studio. My first time was a few months back, when I met Master Satya and swamped her with so many questions regarding the 200h TT.(Thank you again for answering all of them with so much patience :D) Time flies and I remember how nervous I was to meet the teachers and my classmates for the next 4 weeks. There where so many questions and concerns in my head. Am I able to catch up the poses? Am I flexible enough? Do I have the strength to go through that? Am I ready or did I overestimated myself? 

One of the first questions Master Paalu asked us was, why are you here? My answer was simple: Yoga gives me a fun time. I like it a lot. Thats it! (ok and yes, I was absolutely impressed and addicted to all that super fancy poses that you can find in the social medias :D) 

During my child and teenage time I tried a lot of different sports, such as swimming, judo, ballet, latin dance. I was searching and looking for something that inspires me and that makes me doing it daily with joy. I think I had that image in my mind that everybody has that special thing, that passion, that gift that drives you on and what makes people speak so passionated about it. I greatly admired those people I met who had exactly that! But no matter which sport I did or which instrument I was playing, I never got that special feeling. A few years back, I decided to give up on that dream and I told myself. Its not so important and not everybody needs a passion. 

Than I walked in my first yoga class, it was in a fitness studio. I attended a few Hatha classes but more for relaxation and stretching purposes. Very quickly I decided to go to a proper yoga studio. I practiced a bit more than a year. Not daily but constantly. I dropped into that whole new yoga industry hype. Fancy tights, fancy mat, fancy Asanas. Higher, straiter and as flexible as possible. Like I answered Master Paalu on the first day, my Yoga classes gave me a fun time!

But still, not THAT special feeling I was looking for. 

When I think about my initial concerns about my personal fitness and if I am ready to do the TT. I need to smirk. All my thoughts regarding Yoga where just about postures and about competitions. That is what I know today. Already the first day in class, changed something in my mind. I realised that Yoga is so much more than what I knew so far. I still love the sporting challenging Asanas and the personal goal to perform. But I found so many more aspects of it. How the breathing can influence your entire body, how you can use it to deepen your asanas and strengthen your focus and thoughts. How you can reduce the sequence of your thoughts and bundle them to a concentrated moment, or even deeper into meditation. I found a calmness that I never expired before. 

Even after such a short time, I have the feeling I start to understand a little bit what is Yoga all about. Or maybe I should say, what it means to me. Like a sponge I want to absorb everything I can learn. And there is so much more to come. 

So yes, I can say my view of the universe of yoga has totally changed in the last few weeks.

And so today my answer to Master Paalu would be: I am here, because yoga makes me to a happier person. I feel light and full of energy.

I guess I finally found my passion..  😉 

#Thankyou- Anna 

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