Challenging myself in Virasana !!

I had a slipped disc about 10 years back. And have had to learn how to take care of it over the years.  My true Friend, Doctor , therapist etc has beeen my yoga practice.
I remember the first time I tried to sit in Virasana !!! I was in deep pain on my right ankle and could not even put my butt on the floor. My left side and my left ankle was in perfect alignment . My right side was a mess. It is when  we learn to understand and observe our body – can we start the process of  correcting our misaligned body.
Slowly I started by sitting on a bolster to make sure my right ankle was folded correctly . Even then the pain on my ankle was very bad and could barely sit in hero pose for 5 breaths. I started massaging my ankles with oil to relive the pain and help the bones and muscles of my feet. I started sitting in hero pose in my daily yoga practice.  Then one day I was pleasantly surprised to be able to sit on a block in hero pose and that too without pain !! All the hard work and pain had paid off.
Now I can almost sit in Virasana without a block and I feel my feet and toes have changed for sure. I feel I use them more efficiently  now and the change is there for sure.
This journey of being able to arrive at a pose has really taught me a lot !!
It is possible to do a pose !! For me now yoga is all about the journey and I am enjoying it !!

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