With all the commotions happening towards the end of our YTT course, there is so much to remember, organize and plan while at the same time balancing family life.  How do you cope?  Just breathe and get through it, remember this will soon be over and the hard work will be rewarded. I will miss the wonderful routine, friendly teachers and newly found friends that I have met at this YTT class.  How many times have you challenged yourself to do a pose and been unable to do it? (many times for me) or landed on that peak pose and thinking “Am I doing this right?” “Are my hips squared?” In addition to this a test of our knowledge and if you’re quite sensitive… you have to deal with all sorts of energy and perhaps awaken one of your chakras.

I always keep in mind one of the lessons from one of the Yoga classes I attended before this course, the yoga instructor said “Smile it’s only Yoga!”  It is kind of challenging to Smile after my experience today however, keeping in mind that sometimes your practice might go up and go down not reach the peak pose and fail, accept this is the reality of life and yoga is a path of constant improvement. The more you ride with the flow (and one breath each movement) the smoother the practice will be.

Let’s see what tomorrow holds 🙂 SMILE 🙂


x Valerie x

YTT Weekday

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