Challenges, Dreams and Goals

Challenges, Dreams and Goals

1st September 2014 marked another new beginning in my life, the start to a new journey, dream, path or whatever one choose to call it, the dream of passing on my knowledge to people who are waiting to learn, and leading a good example to my little girl.

After practicing for almost 6-8 months, i decided to take this practice professionally, or maybe a little too far:-)the challenges that came ahead wasn’t small either, from sorting out a baby sitter for my little girl to a good yoga school, the challenges kept coming, one by one. Sooner than later, as time passed, everything fell into place and those challenges were all gone. It was at that time that i realized that this is the path i choose, the right one, and i am glad to have taken the first step to discovering myself and my capabilities.

A dream of becoming a yoga instructor has slowly creeped in for obvious reasons, to stay fit, toned and disciplined, something i lacked for the longest time. My obsession with my weight has been a battle for the past few years, but somehow i have learned to accept myself the way i am, realizing that staying healthy is the utmost priority.getting up in the wee hours of the morning was a huge hurdle as well since the phrase “rise and shine” was only applicable after 9am:-). With the path that i have chosen, rising at 5am everyday seems like a ‘pattern” these days, subconsciously leading me to a more disciplined ME.

I am not sure where this journey is going to lead me, the struggles are huge, the practice is intense. I have fallen, secretly wept and asked myself if this is what i want. Time and time again, it makes me stronger each time i fall and i know, someday, i will get there; slowly but surely. Why chase it? It will come. I will do what it takes for i have a dream, a goal. I don’t need to be the best, but rather a good one, a disciplined one. Continuos practice, understanding and learning will get me there one day… till then, here i am, waiting to learn.

D.S.C..Sept’14 Weekday

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