Chakras – What it means to me

Chakras – what it means to me

I have heard of chakras before but I never really knew what they were nor understood much about them. So when I was introduced to Chakras in the yoga certification class, I was at first in awe (kind of disbelief) and then in amazement.
My humble understanding of chakras after the ‘initiation’ into them during the philosophy session of the yoga class is simply that chakras are energy centres and we have seven main chakras within us. I soon found some literature that mentioned a further four more chakras in addition to these seven. Then I read again in some other literature that we may have more than hundreds of chakras within us.
I wanted to find out more, to know more, so I searched for more information. Then I discovered the colours, the elements, the symbols, the vibration sounds and I became intrigued. As I reached further in search of ‘answers’ (even though I was not sure what exactly I was looking for), I stumbled upon the many links and connections of chakras, not just to our mind/ body/ soul, to the organs, body functions, etc… but also to the many elements out there in the universe. Chakras have links to the cosmic energy, the solar system, astrology, the light, the colours of the rainbow, the vibration frequency, etc… and each chakra’s energy is also correspondingly reflected onto our palms.

The chakras have also been associated with the figure ‘eight’ like in geomancy or fengshui.

View the colors in a clockwise fashion, beginning with white, and you will see the order in which the chakras are employed in refining the human vehicle as a light vessel. At the Festival of Birth/Rebirth, white reflects the child of true Humanity/the Light’s potential. Move clockwise to green, color of the heart center, and continue clockwise to complete a full cycle with red, the root chakra’s color, at the Festival of Peace. When placed on the body, the colors on the Wheel actually form a figure-eight shape.

Chakra system chart by Astrology
One can identify the nodal axis with Sushumna Nadi, the energetic central channel that runs through our spine. On this channel, the six chakras are projected at different levels as shown in the image on the left. The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, called Sahasrara chakra is not shown in the natal chart, it couldn’t be, as it doesn’t relate with the material level, only with the higher spiritual worlds. It is transcendental and represents our link to the Divinity.
The other six chakras will be projected on the nodes’ axis as follows:
1. Muladhara chakra or the root chakra will be projected at a distance of 30 degrees from the South Node (SN) on both sides.
2. Swadisthana chakra or the sexual chakra will be projected from 30 degrees to 60 degrees from the SN on both sides.
3. Manipura chakra or the solar chakra will be projected from 60 degrees to 90 degrees from the SN on both sides.
4. Anahata chakra or the heart chakra will be projected from 90 to 120 degrees from the SN or from 90 to 60 degrees from the North Node (NN) on both sides.
5. Visshuda chakra or the throat chakra will be projected from 60 to 30 degrees from the NN on both sides.
6. Ajna chakra or the forehead chakra will be projected from 30 degrees to the NN.
Planets that are in the projection area of one chakra will influence that chakra according to their nature and the side of the nodal axis where they are located. Those on the left side (waxing from the SN) will influence the receptive part and the function of that chakra, while those on the right will influence the emissive part and function of that chakra. In order to understand this better, an esoteric study of the chakras would be required.
Conclusion – Chakras are Active Energy Forces
Filtering through the vast amount of literature that I encountered on chakras, I have come to realize for my personal understanding that chakras are active energy within the body and the universe and when these energies are balanced, then we achieve both mental and physical health. We are in tune with ourselves and in sync with the forces of energy around us. We can even harness this energy for healing purposes.
With this ‘enlightenment’ on chakras, I am keen to cultivate and enhance my chakras for good health and to also be able to utilize this energy for other benefits like healing others.

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