By far, the most intriguing topic during the course has been about Chakras. While a part of me tries to find a more scientific answer and logic to the theory of Chakras, another part of me strongly believes in some of the aspects of Chakras. Listening about the various Chakras from our teachers, I couldn’t help but relate it to different people in my life including myself. It gave me more meaning to why certain people behaved in a specific manner, some more successful than the others, some more content than the others irrespective of the wealth in life or why just sitting with some people for 10 minutes had a very positive impact on me. 

Chakras for me is the balance of different energies in our bodies and how they impact our being and the people around us. One person that has been on my mind for the past few days is our family pandit (priest) and astrologer. He is the one who conducts marriage ceremonies in our family and the person we go to if we are looking for some life answers from Astrological charts. While I don’t want to state (or guess) where he is in the journey of Chakras, I do see him as someone who is very giving, always emitting positivity and making you believe in all the goodness in life. For me, he is someone whose Chakras are perfectly balanced.

Another aspect that has struck me is the Mantras of different Chakras. Most Indian Temples have bells of different sizes and the sound of each Mantra like Lam, Vam, Om remind me of ringing a temple bell and the sound and vibrations felt from it. I couldn’t help but read up more about it. The link below talks about the proportion of metals use in making temple bells, the sound it produces and the impact of the sound on our minds and Chakras.

Over the centuries, we might have lost or never learnt the whys for these practices. But I do believe that if we are speaking about these things today there is definitely some relevance and reason to its existence. I look forward to spending more time reading more about the mystical Chakras in the coming months.

Aman (200 Hr – January 2017)

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