I have heard the word chakras many times before, it is one of those words that somebody mentions and everyone knows what it is , or what does it mean .
But do they, really??
As part of my course, I had an introduction to the Chakras, I can mention one by one by name.
But if I am asked what a is Chakra, I can say that it is one of the seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. I can name and locate them.
But, can I really feel them? Can I really understand the full mean of a Chakra?
Am I spiritual enough to understand the concept of Chakra?
I don’t think so , or maybe this is also part of the big journey that I embarked when I joined the course.
When I hear Master Paalu talk about the Chakras while in the classroom it makes perfect sense but as soon as I move away that sense of understanding and embracing stays right there in the yoga studio. This philosophy needs to be explored and be understood deeper.
Carla Cavaco

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