Tapping into the Chakra knowledge for busy people

The Chakra system is an interesting thought-provoking topic for its mysterious connection to our feelings and our reactions towards it. Born in the one of the world’s most prosperous and busiest cities – Singapore, it is not surprising why most people here fall heavily low under the Manipura, Swadhishthana & Muladhara Chakra.

Feelings of frustrations, anger and jealousy; when we don’t get promotions at work; when we don’t get to hang out with the coolest sought-after people; when others have access to things easier than us; when we don’t let go of our ego and hurt others without reviewing our actions. Dated back was a huge part of Muladhara Chakra materialized from a trauma which stayed with me throughout my teenage years; that I became the target of bullies in high school. I kept it to myself thinking it would go away someday. It wasn’t over until I became more socially active in my early twenties, having learned to let go of my security and identity struggles and living each day to the fullest and happiest.

Studying the Chakra system has been nothing short of pure delight and englightment! I am now able to align and work the weaker chakra by chanting the mantra sound; such that when I feel angry over something trivial that evening, I would try to meditate while chanting “Vam”; when I can’t let go of my ego, I would practice chanting “Ram” to bring down the energy. As our knowledge deepens, we become wiser and live our lives with greater purpose.

Terence~ Jan 17 YTT

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