Cervical Stabilization

Cervical Stabilization is one of the 5 basic principles which are fundamental to effective and efficient Pilates exercises. In most pilates exercises, it is important to maintain the natural curvature of our neck region or cervical vertebrae to protect the delicate structure and to avoid overstraining our neck.
This exercise involves the extension of the cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae and the lifting up of the head, neck and upper torso which includes the shoulders and scapula. The agonistic muscles engaged to facilitate cervical stabilisation in a concentric contraction are the Splenius capitis, Splenius cervicis, Illiocostalis cervicis, Longissimus capitis, Spinalis cervicis, Transversospinalis, Interspinalis, Trapezius and Levator scapulae. Other prime movers which contracts eccentrically includes external obliques and internal obliques.
The Tranverse abdominal, Pectoralis major and minor and Subclaius are also engaged during cervical stabilization isometrically. The Levatores costarum synergises the stabilisation.

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