Centre yourself and world is yours

Olivia (200Hr weekday Nov’15)
Yoga requires practioners to center themselves, and not to be affected by outside world. You have to be grounded all the time, otherwise you will be pulled into a current that mixed with emotions created by all the things around you.
It may sounds easy, but it’s not. In order to be able to center yourself, you need to connect your body, your mind and also, your soul. Only by linking these three elements, you can achieve inner peace and protected yourself from being influenced by other things.
First, you have to listen to your body. There are a lot of sounds in a modern city like Singapore – cell phone, internet, cars, buildings, etc. And you might have been a good listener to all these sounds and to your friends, but you are not a good listener to your own body.
Your body is signalling to you all the time, but you are just ignoring it. It is time to start to listen to your body – the vessel of your soul, the actioner to fulfil your duties. Give yourself a moment of quietness. Light up a scented candle, turn on the music with nature sounds, and gently sit down or lie down. Close your eyes, and breathe slowly. Inhale~ Exhale~. Tell yourself that nothing matters now except yourself. Start to connect your mind and your body. And for a short while, you may start to experience stillness and calmness. There will be thoughts drifting in darkness, pieces of your day time flashing by, just let them pass, don’t chase them but focusing on your breathing.
And after continuous practice, you will start to see yourself, and know yourself, and be able to communicate with your own soul. Everything is so light, so calm and so beautiful.
Thanks mother nature for providing me air, water; thanks parents for bringing me to this wonderful world; thanks teacher for lighting up my path and guiding me along; thanks my body, for being healthy, energetic, allowing me to experience joy and happiness, thanks my mind for thinking and understanding the world and what truly matters; thanks my soul for making me who I really am.
Live in the present, be strong, be centred, and the world is yours.

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