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Yoga or Pilates?

For many people , Yoga and Pilates look very similar – there are no power or cardio loads, exercises are performed slowly and consciously , with calm music. Pilates and yoga are wellness systems that include exercises to develop flexibility, endurance, and concentration. Regular exercises tidy up the body, allow

Taking YTT 200 with an injury

Eight years ago, I injured my left knee. I can’t recall what exactly I was doing but I’m certain it was nothing important or strenuous. I felt a sharp pain every time I landed my foot on the floor of whenever I bent my left knee. It felt like someone

Analysis of the pilates push-up (the lowering and pushing phases) (JT)

Introduction: The push-up is a classic exercise to strengthen the upper body. If you break down and observe the complex movements in a push up,  you will see that it activates many muscles in the upper body both concentrically and eccentrically. Starting position: You start by lying down in prone

How to do the Pilates Hundred Exercise for Beginners (JT)

The Pilates Hundred is a classic Pilates warm up routine. It is called The Hundred because we do 10 cycles of breath (5 counts of inhale and 5 counts of exhale each cycle for 10 cycles). In addition to getting us warmed up, it also helps to train the endurance

A re-education for my body….

I’ve been dancing since the age of four which led to me pursuing a career in the field as an educator. What draws me to dance is that it can never be fully perfected – you are always working harder and always becoming stronger, but you never reach perfection. Some

Article 1 – Technical Anatomical Detail of a Single Leg Stretch

Today I will discuss the Pilates mat exercise: The Single Leg Stretch.   The single leg stretch exercise is done in supine position and is an exercise suitable for beginners. This exercise targets the abdominal muscles and helps to improve co-ordination of movement of the body.   This exercise is

Double Leg Kick demonstration

Double Leg Kick   Introduction: This exercise strengthens the extensor muscles of the back and hamstrings and at the same time stretches the abdominal, chest and shoulder muscles.   Starting Position: Lie down on the tummy with face on the side or looking down. You can choose to keep the legs together

Stomach Series: Single Leg Stretch

Stomach Series: Single Leg Stretch in technical terms   Introduction: This is the first exercise of the stomach series that strengthens the transversus abdominis and the oblique muscles.   Starting Position: 1. Lie down on the back. Tilt the pelvis posteriorly with flexion on the hip and knees to 90 degrees.

You Got My Back!

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with juvenile dextro scoliosis. I went for therapy for most of my teenage years, and then on my last session the doctor’s last words were, “you’re good to go! Just continue doing your exercises and just watch out when you get pregnant.” I