Till there was you….

I am gonna save the breath for alot of people. I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts.  I am not an angel, never was and never will be.
If you know me well enough, you will know I live by these two words: Carpe Diem. With that, it has brought me to where I am today. And today, I shall bring this phrase UP a notch and live my life by it. Yes live by CD WITH a ‘few’conditions- aka 8 Limbs. Good luck!
Just two days and I manage to do a ‘baby’ headstand! The amazement will continue to come, I was told. Even as I type, my Bandha is tucked in consciously! 🙂
STOP your milk! It is not giving you the nutrients you think you are getting. It fills you up because it is not digested! Isn’t that a little revelation out of the many that was discovered just in two days…
Let me see:
The fact that we have been consuming germified Protein, our Fish, Chicken… the travelling back and forth without refrigeration, it is contaminated.
The way a baby and an adult breathes differs from a Yogi and again a yogi’s breathing differs from a Yogi Intermediate. Breathing is breathing ain’t it but it truly is life changing. The Ujayi- Strong Exhales freshens up my day and it sure stimulates my Dumpster! Having to work after my weekday classes posses as a challenge, NOT! It energizes you actually ONLY with the right kind of diet. Do not limit yourself, feel good and you will get what I mean. I ate meat in lesser quantity and my fruits and Vegetables intake increased. I felt good after my long 18 hours training and work day. You take care of your body, it naturally functions your mind and takes care of you.
As we go deeper into our studies…
The fling:
I should have an “Asteya”(never ‘steal’ or in my case, be ‘stolen’) inked across my heart! And amazing this connects with the Power of my Brain. I have allowed someone to steal my balance and happiness in life. It is all in my hands all this while. We all know don’t we?! We just don’t realise it when the devil approaches. Anything so tempting must be good. As I type, this guy is text-ing me and I am choosing to ignore it. The course has strengthen me in that aspect and I fell a little when this guy came back into my life. It is not his fault, neither is it of anyone’s who instigated it. It is my lack of control and self respect that allowed it to happen. So it has to stop. With the morning meditations, having time for myself allowing my outer self to understanding my inner self and to know what exactly I want to be seen as, to live by, I was literally breathing my root of believe through my skin. I walk the talk! I knew what exactly I want in life, how I want to be treated and I survived the temptations and I am able to stand up tall and say “I did it!” What ever you say flatters me but it is only when I react that it will matter to me. So I’ll holler “Bring it on!” – Asteya!
Be the change:
As I am enjoying beautiful Hot weather in Sentosa, I am wondering how long am I able to enjoy this. The breeze that blows against my skin, the sun kissed skin of the sunbathers around me, the coconut trees, as I look up they are set against the clear blue sky. I think to myself, this is just perfect! With my margarita.. Oops! Did I say Magarita? Alcohol? No…. I wouldn’t have drank that while practising Yoga. Well, we often take all the simple pleasures in life for granted. It’s hot, im sweating and I decide to take a plunge in the sea.
TADAH! I see plastics!! Don’t ‘they’ realise that this is like smoking to the sea?! They are freaking spoiling the very limited wonders of nature(of what it’s left). Annoying aint it?! Unless, they start setting good examples.. I hope they do not have kids! Ha. That will stop the vicious cycle.
Told you I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts! Stop judging.
Choo choo-ed:
I have not taken the MRT for some time now. Let alone the bus. I dislike the close proximity I have with strangers. I feel they simply have no concept of personal space. As I started my training at Haji lane, I am not very willing to pay carpark fees (to the government) for the whole day. Hence, I started taking the MRT. It is early morning so I must say, it was a slow transition and it was a good one. Even now, after the training, I am willing to take the public transport. I feel the training has changed me. It made me a simpler person. I have been helped to merge with the masses and enjoy every moment of it. My perspective of respect of space has not changed but I have been opened to leave the automobile behind and ‘feel’ my surroundings.  It doesn’t matter anymore, the automobile has become a mode of convenience more than ever. It is no longer, the prestige that I have been always grateful for. Now, I am grateful, I have my Number. 11 to bring me to places. Not sure if I have been clear… thoughts and understanding comes with experience. If the above sounds, like crap or alien to you. I must say, you will understand one day(if you choose to understand) as you go through the course of life.
The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.  ~Chinese Proverb
Give me my Veg!
It is amazing how in the first lesson when I learnt about how trashy some foods I have been consuming are! Some are useless and some I have been missing out on! The switch from a lean meat diet to an All Veg.  was pretty easy. I am amazed. I reckon I didn’t want to jeopardise my flexibility and after my first digestive Anatomy lesson, certain meat disgusts me. The thought of it rotting in my body, turns me off. I did a movie before and the focus was on Chicken, I have seen how it disintegrate into Dark Greyish Gooey substance WITH maggots in it. So imagine…
Apparent changes that I see today in a snap of my fingers.(yes, it is that fast.) My morning breath smells better now, the Poop is smoother now and I am killing lesser animals than I used to! If you are still a meat lover, I’d say, “I love you” but if you consume Shark’s fin, I’d say “You suck!” Did you know that the cartilage of Shark’s Fin does not have any taste at all? Yes, so next time when you go to a wedding dinner and as you chew on the ‘delicious’ shark’s fin think about what your next generation is gonna say when you talk about sharks… What sharks? They wouldn’t even know what sharks are because they will be like the mystical Dodos that we never had the chance to see.
Wash it off:
After 2 attempts of Basthi. I finally did it!!! It smelled!! Bad, toxic kind. Not the usual pungent smell. Yuccks!!! First attempt failed as I did not clear my bowels and the pressure was higher than the outside hence. The second attempt, left me in my kinda half  Dhanurasana position for some time. LOL. Did some Udiyana Bhanda and tadah! Into the toilet bowl! Good feeling after. Nice. Felt I could finish up the Whole Turkey! Oh no wait. Did I say I’m vegetarian now? What about a entire field of greens?!
Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.  ~Lillian Dickson
Keeping in mind the 8 limbs and this takes Carpe Diem up one notch!

Actions begets consequences

Action [Definition]:
The process of doing something in order to achieve a particular end result.
An end result that happens because of a particular action or set of conditions.
So, what do these 2 words have to do with yoga philosophy?
Hint: Karma yoga! It does not simply end with these 2 words!
In my humble opinion, Karma does not just end with these 2 words.
Actions with intended motives to do good, does it result in good Karma?
For example, actions in doing good will make oneself feel good. What about feeling mighty when helping others, thus bringing you on an ego trip? Or that one can boast about good actions and become a hot topic among friends. Or even worse to know that good actions will bring good Karma and hence do lots of it with motives.
Are we guilty to these actions??? I can tell you honestly that I am.
I can tell you for a fact that lots of people are, and I am one of them. To do good actions for people who are ”luckier” than you is something that I do not seem to witness a lot of, because people have the mentality that “why should we help people who seem better than us, they would not need it! They hold better jobs, better paychecks, higher status.” Our body is a temple for suffering, happiness lies within us. Even if a person seems to have what the majority people cant afford, they still do have their own suffering!
When Momo was 10 years, mommy went into her room and asked her to make a donation for a charity. It had pictures of handicapped old people. It broke her heart instantly! She told her mom to take her month’s allowance to donate everything in. This made her proud.
Is a child of this age guilty of being egoistic? 18 Years later, this young lady went to India for a vacation. She made trips to 5 orphanages. At each orphanage, she went to the supermarket to load up the van with cartons of milk powder, sacks of flour and rice, cookies and soap. She was so happy in the supermarket. When she reached the orphanages, she unloaded all the food. The children were arranged to sing and perform. At that very instance, she felt both a sense of happiness and sadness. It’s not that she feels pain for the children and not because the place was run down, not even because she thinks she is luckier. But she realized that it is Because of the children that she was GIVEN a chance to do good! Without these orphans, how would we able to do good? It is them who are creating good actions for us instead!
How ironic!
It is actually a cycle! It is only the law of nature that she was there, it is the only “right” thing to do. To do good without motives.
Karma action is something that we should not think about. It is the cycle of Life.
We will never be worried about the consequences of our actions when we have already understood the law of nature.

yoga benefits

Health Benefits ascribed to Yoga Practice.

Yoga, as we all know, is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right Yoga knowledge and taken to the right environment, it can find harmony and heal itself. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. It helps you become more aware of your body’s posture, inner body, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible, alert and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. This is one of the foremost reasons why people want to start Practicing Yoga – to be healthier, be more energetic, be happier and peaceful.
Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of Ancient Theories, observations and principles about the mind and body connections, which are now being proven by modern medicine and science. Substantial research has been conducted to look at the Health Benefits of Yoga – from the Yoga Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), and Meditation. The information on Yoga Poses & Benefits are grouped into three categories-physiological, psychological and biochemical effects. Furthermore, scientists have laid these results against the benefits of regular exercise.
Just to name a few physiological benefits :
Excretory functions improve
Endurance increases
Endocrine function normalizes
Eye-hand coordination improves
Psychological Benefits of Yoga
▪    Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
▪    Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
▪    Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
▪    Social adjustment increases
▪    Anxiety and Depression decrease
Biochemical Benefits of Yoga
▪    Glucose decreases
▪    Sodium decreases
▪    Total cholesterol decreases

Child Abuse and Yoga

Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment of children. It is also defined  as any act or series of acts of commission or omission by a parent or other caregiver that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse and child sexual abuse. 
A survivor of the above categories usually suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Jane, an eighteen year old girl suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by the first 3 categories. Abuser = her biological mother. Jane, is fostered by a close friend, EJ and his wife. I did not know that till the first time i met her.
Traumatic Truth
Jane was cold. I could feel her barrier, a wall which seemed to hold its fort very strongly. She would have passed as a normal teenager who is begining to rebel. Oddly i felt a strong sense of sadness within her, the expression on her pretty face seemed weirdly tired. She carried an air of cautiousness with her. Over coffee, i chided my friend for being bias. I have seen him bonding with his younger son and i thought he was being unfair. That was when he told me Jane is not his daughter. Jane is his sister in law’s daughter.
Since birth, she was being abused. She had gone through days without milk. As a toddler, she was pinched, slapped and punched in front of her cousins. Her mother would call her dad (who had divorced her), physically abused Jane and let him hear her cry over the line. She had also threatened to kill her, throw her out of the window.  Jane’s mother was subsequently sent to IMH after several court cases. EJ and his wife adopted the responsibility to foster Jane. Despite the Protection Order awarded by Court, Jane’s mother continue to abuse her mentally by disrupting her life. Jane was fearful of her because of the pain inflicted and she was traumatized by her past.
When i heard that, all i could think of was to give the little girl a big hug. I empathized with what she must have feel and light shed on why i felt the strange vibes when i saw her. A thought flashed through my mind. We were in a dark room. We were seated facing each other with our eyes closed, in meditation. Yoga. It dawned on me. I did a search on the internet about Yoga and child abuse and found a few articles which relates them.
Yoga emphasizes on Asana. Asana means steady pose. To have a steady pose requires one to be grounded and present. Being grounded for a PTSD sufferer might mean that he/she has to be aware not to be disconnected from the body. Being present, requires one to be able to focus in that moment. A PSTD sufferer will find this very tough because they usually spend very little time living in their bodies. They will often processed their past within themselves and worry about their next move. They are disconnected from their bodies because they are fearful of the abuse inflicted on them and they tend to “flee” from their bodies. For Jane’s case, EJ related that, “her mother would pinch her in front of her cousins till her skin turns blue and yet she was indifferent. It was as if she was not there to feel the pain.”
Yoga can be practiced with the purpose of healing the body and the soul One can practice Pranayama, perform Asanas, learn relaxation and meditation techniques. A research was done and it has shown that PTSD sufferers received flashbacks of the past and worry for the future. When these intriguing thoughts visit them, their heart rate varies and they panic. Deep breathing allows one to be able to remain calm. Ujjayi breathing helps to improves heart rate variability which in turn promotes the ability for one to remain calm. Long term practice of Asanas helps to elicit and release repressed emotions. When combined, with the use of relaxation and meditation techniques, one would be able to reconnect with their bodies and released the suppression of their fears and thoughts and realised self acceptance.  
A few poses that are recommended :-
(A) Balasana (Child’s pose).  Promotes a sense of security as one feels sheltered and protected.  This pose calms the brain and relieves stress and fatigue.
(B) Adhomukha Shvanasana (Downward-facing dog) – promotes thoracic breathing,  increase blood flow to the head, improving circulation and lowering heart and respiratory rates.
(C) Sankasana ( Rabbit Pose) – Improves blood supply to the brain. This pose helps to connect with the breath. At the same time, the practicioner feels secure.
“Hi Jane, your dad said you are keen in learning Yoga?”, i asked. “Yes, auntie Jade. My friend and i are interested.”
That was before i knew about her.  Now, i can’t wait to begin this Yoga journey with her. The question is, how?

The Significance of Namaste

What does “Namaste” mean? This is usually the final “formality” before the closure of a yoga class and I have always wanted to know more about the significance of the gesture.

The gesture (or mudra) of Namaste (anjali mudra) is a simple act made by bringing together both palms of the hands before the heart chakra, and lightly bowing the head. In the simplest of terms it is accepted as a humble greeting straight from the heart and reciprocated accordingly.

Namaste is a composite of the two Sanskrit words, nama, and te. Te means you, and nama has the following connotations:

  • To bend
  • To bow
  • To sink
  • To incline
  • To stoop

So “Namaste” literally means that “I bow down to you out of respect or reverence”. Namaste is the traditional greeting among the Hindus and is used both as “hello” and “good bye”. When two people meet, they greet each other by joining their hands in front of the heart, bow down their head and say Namaste. The extended meaning of Namaste is that the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you. We can only bow down to someone else when we recognize that the essence of the other person is divine. Also, in order to bow to someone else, we must be able to surrender our ego. When we do that we are ourselves closer to our own divinity. Hence the above extended meaning.

Translated into a bodily act, Namaste is deeply rich in symbolism. Firstly the proper performance of Namaste requires that we blend the five fingers of the left hand exactly with the fingers of the right hand. The significance behind this simple act in fact governs the entire gamut of our active life. The five fingers of the left hand represent the five senses of karma, and those of the right hand the five organs of knowledge. Hence it signifies that our karma or action must be in harmony, and governed by rightful knowledge, prompting us to think and act correctly.

Another significant identification of Namaste is with the institution of marriage, which represents a new beginning, and the conjoining of the male and female elements in nature. Marriage is a semi-divine state of wholeness – a union between the opposite principles of male and female necessary to create and protect new life. In the exhaustive marriage rituals of India, after the elaborate ceremonies have been completed, the new husband and wife team perform Namaste to each other. Wedding customs, full of symbolic meanings, attempt to ensure that marriages are binding, hence fruitful and happy. Namaste is one such binding symbolic ritual. The reconciliation, interaction and union of opposites are amply reflected in this spiritual gesture. It is hoped that the husband and wife team too would remain united, as are the hands joined in Namaste. By physically bringing together the two hands, Namaste is metaphorically reconciling the duality inherent in nature and of which the marriage of two humans is an earthly manifestation, a harmonious resolution of conflicting tensions. Thus Namaste, which symbolizes the secret of this unity, holds the key to maintaining the equilibrium of life and entering the area where health, harmony, peace and happiness are available in plenty.

At the end of each yoga class most teachers bring their hands together in front of the heart, bow their head and say “Namaste” and the students bring their hands together and respond in kind. Saying “Namaste” allows two individuals to come together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection. If it is done with deep feeling in the heart and with the mind surrendered, a deep union of spirits can blossom. The joining together of the palms provides connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification or “yoking”. This yoking is symbolic of the practitioner’s connection with the divine in all things. Hence, performing Namaste or anjali mudra is an honouring of both the self and the other as the gesture acknowledges the divinity of both practitioner and recipient. The exchange of Namaste at the end of class is a wonderful way to honor the true self in each of us, and recognize that all life is interrelated.


Yoga Sutra 2.35 says”ahimsā pratishthāyām tat vaira-tyāgah”.

  • ahimsa = non-violence, non-harming, non-injury
  • pratishthāyām = having firmly established, being well grounded in
  • tat = that, of his or her
  • vaira-tyāgah = give up hostilities (vaira = hostility, enmity, aggression; tyāga = abandon, give up

When translated into English, it means – “As a Yogi becomes firmly grounded in non-injury (ahimsa), other people who come near will naturally lose any feelings of hostility”.

Ahimsa, traditionally translated to non-violence or non-injury, is the first Yama (restraints). Non-violence, non-injury, extends to others, nature and ourselves. One may think of non-violence in a physical situation, but again, life is more than this. What about our actions, language, and even our thoughts? The mind is difficult to control. Thoughts of a violent nature, toward ourselves or others, can occur and spin out of control. An important lesson to learn here is to differentiate between truth and “chatter”. Truth tends to be penetrating, direct, and without a lot of words. Whereas chatter tends to be just the opposite – disturbing, noisy and senseless.

Ahimsa, as an emotional practice, involves one’s ability to deal with the feelings of anger and its various subtleties. Anger is an emotion that demands change. When it is left to simmer, it can lead to all kinds of resentment, sulking, tantrums, and irrational fear. Anger is the emotion that underlies any level of hostility, outrage, or violent behaviour, so it must be dealt with immediately and not be denied or ignored. If we can recognise and experience anger simply as a kind of energy, we will be able see and then choose another way of feeling and behaving. The key is to come face to face with the intentions of violence, hatred, or fear, accept them and the hostility within us can then be neutralised.

Question: What does Ahimsa in yoga practice mean?

For many of us, it means backing off and learning to let the competitive ego go. Many yoga practitioners believe that pushing their bodies beyond the limit is a mental win. But yoga is not about competition. There is no competitiveness in yoga. In fact, we need to focus on ourselves – not on other people – while practising.

In my first few years of yoga practice, I pushed myself a lot, breathed through the pain and ignored the injuries in my left hamstring. It affected me physically and mentally. I could not do simple poses like paschimottanasana and uttanasana properly. I was frustrated and angry with myself so I disregarded the pain and continued to push myself further. I feared that I would not be able to advance in my yoga practice because of the injury. My morale was hit and I did not feel good after every class. The consequence of my ignorance and egoism – my right hamstring was also injured. I deceived myself by continuing with the practice despite the injuries, thinking that miracle would happen one day and the pain in my hamstrings would disappear. Then one day, I decided to stop the “nonsense” and “listen to my body” during the practice. I realized I need to do less to get more. So I bent my knees in poses like paschimottanasana and uttanasana. I stopped pushing when I felt sharp pain (and not a stretch) in my hamstrings or any parts of my body. I began to practise awareness in yoga classes. The pain in my hamstring went away a few months later and I felt better physically and mentally in my yoga practice thereafter. I have learned that modifying postures to compensate for injuries, weakness, or a low energy level is practising ahimsa on our mats. Rather than gaining satisfaction from fancy postures and physical feats, I find that consistent practice that matches breath to movement is what that benefits us the most and makes the most changes in us.

The challenge in a yoga practice is not in pushing ourselves and learning not to compete with ourselves is a more difficult skill. The challenge is this – rather than push ourselves physically to gain a mental benefit, consider that we can do the same by practicing Ahimsa. It might just change the way we practise yoga and transform our practice…and us. Once we have learned to practise ahimsa and compassion with ourselves, and to let go of our messy egos and their expectations, then we have become true yoga practitioner. The mark of an advanced yoga practitioner is not that he or she can wrap his leg behind his head. It is that he/she treats his/her body as the valuable temple that houses his/her mind and spirit.

Start practising Ahimsa on the mat today! It will go a long way to making you not only learn more about yourself, but challenge you in new ways you never thought possible.

Yoga is a journey and not a process.


Yoga off the Mat

How yoga has changed me is an interesting question. It is a question that I really have to think about….

I ask myself another intriguing question – what is yoga “off the mat”? We practise patience, determination, concentration, calmness, etc “on the mat” in a yoga class. How then do we apply them when we are “off the mat”? Ponder….

Yoga has taught me to be less fearful of my own limitations. Fear hinders our pursuit of goals in life but it can be overcome. Fear is all in the mind (mind over body). In my opinion, the main obstacle in mastering inverted poses e.g. headstand is the fear of uncertainty and fear of falling. I had fallen many times (safely of course) from practising inversions. I still remember the bruises on my shoulders while falling from Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance). But every fall makes be better and stronger. I hope to find my balance in handstand soon…. :-D.

Press on….

Off the mat, I hope to conquer my phobia in public speaking.

Yoga has helped me to learn how to take time for myself, and to relax and breathe. Breathe through the difficult times as well as when you are just kicking back. It has given me a way of “going” inside myself to find my “higher” self. I can visualize things much better than before I started my yoga classes, and by doing this I can let go of the events that add stress to my life. Having less stress is something we all strive for and yoga has definitely helped me to learn how to de-stress.

I traveled to Bali (Ubud) alone two years ago for a short yoga retreat. That was the first time I traveled alone. I always think I am a “strong” person, having to deal with many teething and difficult issues at home alone most of the times. So I thought traveling alone should be a breeze for me. I cried a lot during the trip. 😛

I arrived at Bali an hour after midnight. A male driver picked me up at the airport. The journey to the guesthouse was the longest one I ever had. The roads were badly lit and I was alone with this guy who didn’t look like a decent man to me. I didn’t know where he was driving me to. I heaved a sign of relief when we finally arrived at the guesthouse around 2am. But my nightmare didn’t end there. Nobody was at the guesthouse to receive me! I thought “not another round of s**t?!”…fortunately the driver managed to contact the guesthouse owner. The driver didn’t leave me in the lurch. It was wrong of me to judge him (I have learnt not to judge and underestimate people from my years of yoga practice). I thought I could have a good rest finally (I was having a sore throat). I was disappointed when the owner brought me to my room. It didn’t have the basic items we normally find in hotel room e.g. drinking water. I didn’t feel safe in the room and couldn’t sleep the entire night. I felt lost and lonely the next day and wanted to go home. I sought assistance from the owner of the yoga studio (Megan) but was told there was no early flight back to Singapore. I started to cry uncontrollably when Megan sat down and talked to me. She gave me a warm hug and I felt safe despite not knowing her. Megan got a Singapore-based kundalini yoga teacher (Rebecca) to help me and I was transferred to the guesthouse where she was staying almost immediately at no extra cost. I attended yoga classes with strangers the next few days and walked around Ubud alone. Yoga gave me the determination and strength I needed to get through the difficult time in Ubud. It was a self-realization trip for me. Unforgettable….

Off the mat, I hope to be a stronger person, not physically, but mentally.

I am not sure I can put into words exactly how yoga has changed me, because it is a feeling. Peace, tranquility, tolerance of others, able to forgive and forget (who doesn’t make mistakes?), these are just some of the feelings I have and they have grown stronger since I began Yoga.

Yoga is a way of training for our mind and body to help us on this journey called “life”. I feel that is the real answer for me – Yoga is helping me on my journey, off and on the mat. 🙂

Relationship Tips from a Yoga Master #2

The Striver – There is more to life than relationships and success. Start asking questions!!
Now, let us move on to Part 2 of the process.  In this Part, i call such a person who does not want to be a slave but still achieve success, The Striver.
The Striver who embarks on self growth works on self-acceptance, effective and efficient functioning in daily activities and human relationships but not on emotional wants and needs.
The Striver, being spiritual, looks at this in a different light.  The close ones, family, friends, success are viewed at from a different perspective by creating and having a perception that “there is something more to life” than this.
The GOAL, is freedom from self created limitations, through which all human innate potential is realised, THE SELF, THE STRIVER.
What is this life worth living for? What is the purpose? Is there a pattern for success and successful relationships? With this beginning (questions), the Striver, invesigates the ideas, concepts and patterns, and all other things that we have accepted blindly.
What is ego, consciousness and mind? What is past, present and future? What are their characteristics?

Relationship Tips from a Yoga Master #1

In recent times we have been hearing of people or couples (celebrities or common man) falling to prey to failed relationships. The latest in this saga is Tiger Woods who was hammered by his wife with a golf iron and later being admitted to the hospital. You may even encounter someone within your family who has undergone or is undergoing a failed relationship.
Most relationships which fail will go through a legal process called divorce or separation. This causes hardship for both couples as well as their children (if any) or their close relations (like parents).
In an effort to stamp this growing trend of failed relationships without becoming a slave to it, we have designed a program to help couples harness their potential within and live peacefully.
In this 10 day program, we design steps to help you get out of the rut and back to action. Please look out for this blog in the upcoming days to seek help.
Good day see you again tmr.

Our very own Yoga Retreat Resort in Malaysia

I just came back from Johor, Iskandar, about 10 min from Tuas Checkpoint. Leisure farm is the place where our resort is going to be. I simply fell in love with that place and knew that our Yoga Retreat resort will be there. True enough, for realization, future thoughts (dreams or plans, however you want to call it) must become the present thought for things to be materialized. We bought a piece of land and are currently making plans to design and build it — Balinese style.
Leisure farm is so organized and clean – very Singaporean, that’s way we see so many Singapore cars there and we were told majority of the buyers are from Singapore. Smart choice. How long do you need to save up to buy a bungalow in Singapore? Probably in Johor, you need less than half the price.
It is so quiet, peaceful and tranquil, ideal location for Yoga retreats. In about 1 year’s time, we need not organize Yoga retreats in Bali after our Balinese resort is built.
By then, we would have many retreats within a year, as it is just a stone’s throw away from Singapore! Our very own Bali Villa in Johor.