The best time is now

Patanjali wrote in Yoga Sutra 1.1 atha yoga anushasanam, which can be translated into
“Now, begins the study and practice of Yoga”.
Atha, referring to ‘now’, also implies a transition to this practice and pursuit. The fact is, the English language does not have sufficient eloquence to capture the essence of this beautiful sentence. In a raw sense, the sentence implies that after our many actions in life, and whatever preparatory practices we might have done, now, we have arrived at this auspicious stage of desire and commitment towards Self-realization, the highest goal of Yoga.
To me, the focus of that statement is about living in the ‘now’, which is simply staying in the present moment.

It is a concept that I learnt in class today, in my fourth consecutive day of the Teachers’ Training Course. The day has been especially tiring as I struggled with the asanas in my fatigued muscles and lethargic body, particularly my painful hamstrings and shoulders. But as I am consolidating my thoughts for the day, one incident—or more appropriately put, one moment—is especially striking. It is that moment when I found my mind drifting away upon Paalu’s instructions to go into Kapotsana.
Then, Paalu had demonstrated the asana with the student sitting directly opposite me. As she executed the pose with relative ease, I remember feeling envious and thinking ‘I used to be able to do that. I probably can’t now. What a pity.’ It is amazing at what speed the mind can drift away. I found myself thinking about the days when I had no trouble executing Kapotsana. That was possibly four years back, before I fell down the flight of stairs, and intense backbends hurt so much after that that I grew fearful of them. And yes, the fear is still present today.
Very quickly, we were all instructed to try the pose. That kind of captured my mind back into the class. I decided that I shall just disregard all those past experiences and just proceed with the flow of the asana.
With some help, I was able to go into the pose. Was I fearful of hurting my back? Yes. Was I nostalgic about my past? Probably yes. But on top of all that fear and anxiety, I was focused on these thoughts: I will try to do the asana; it didn’t matter whether I can execute the final pose; I will not let my past experiences bother me. I shall just try it now and see how it goes.
As I reflect now, clearly, the ‘now’ then was the turning point.
Had I continued to dwell on my past ability, had I decided to stay in awe of the demo, had I remained captured in my fear, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do the asana.  Henceforth, translating today’s experience into my teaching: it is pertinent I share with my students this idea of ‘now’.
I must share with them how living in the present beats brooding over the past and dreaming about the future, because without this consciousness, there is not only no future, there is also always only constant regret. I must also share with them that Yoga is not about the final pose, but more about the process of trying to get there. I must share with them the importance of not compromising one’s alignment to attain the final pose. I must share with them about how breathing can help to still the mind and stay in the present moment.
As much as I teach Yoga asanas to the students, I hope to share with them the process of the asana. The process which envelopes the contentment of who one is (acknowledging one’s limitations and celebrating one’s strengths). The process which requires enthusiasm and aspiration. The process which one surrenders to the flow.
Most importantly, the process of realizing that the best time is ‘now’.

Saucha–the pathway to peace

The niyama Saucha is defined as “not coveting more than you have” (Wikipedia).  It is being content and in the PRESENT–not daydreaming about what we will/not have in the future and letting go of what we have/not had in the past.  It is to be truly satisfied in what we have, where we are (in space and time) and what we are doing at present.
This is easier said than done in today’s society–where we are constantly reminded by the media of what we do not have, and led to believe the more we aquire, the more content we will be!  Competition is fierce–and only because we are looking at others and comparing everything about ourselves to them.  Why is this so?  Why is it that if I do not do something better than another person, then I feel I have failed?
I can only answer for myself.  Comparing myself to others in all forms is a trap I have fallen into many times, and it steals my peace!  Without wasting time on why this is, I will instead focus on becoming free from it.  Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness is my answer.  When I am thanking God for everything He has given me and acknowledge He has a plan for ONLY me, only then am I secure in who I am and what I am doing.  Recognizing He is in control makes me feel content–I do not need to worry about my future, He has washed away my past, and He is walking beside me in the present.
But it is a constant battle–I must remember it daily, and count my many blessings daily, or more!  This not only gives me a sense of peace, but of being loved and satisfied with my beautiful self. 🙂

Moving Students Onward!

As I am coming to a deeper level of yoga practice personally, I am left with the question of how I will inspire my students to do the same?   First, I will identify why I have decided to take this step and then explore practical ways to apply to my classes. 
I have found that I often need a “push” to go deeper in my physical practice.  This is usually preceded by increased knowledge.  This knowledge may come from reading or interaction with other people sharing their yoga practice with me.  As bits and pieces are “revealed” to me, my curiosity is sparked. 
Sometimes merely observing the behaviors of other yoga practitioners is enough to spur me forward.  I do not have much daily interaction with people like this, but when I do see them it is very apparent.  Perhaps this is just seeing the Yamas and Niyamas put into practice outside asana, but these are the people whom I want to be more like.
Lastly, I am left with my own sense of accomplishment.  As self centered as it sounds, there is a great feeling associated with going a bit further or deeper in physical practice.  This is an intrinsic motivator—the ability to push myself to new physical limits.  With this one comes greater health and a general feeling of well being. 
I think that most of my students are motivated by the last one only–Simply the physical benefits.  Sure, some notice a difference in stress relief but that comes with almost any form of exercise.  I will try to focus on being an example of Yamas/Niyamas in my daily interactions with them and in my daily routines.  I will increase their knowledge by sharing MORE about what practicing yoga really means.  I will also give them tools that they can use outside the class—more prana practice and breathing techniques.  Step by step, I hope to educate and enlighten them, with the goal of starting a personal daily yoga practice—letting the rest unfold from there and it is slowly unfolding for me.

Teaching Yoga Has Never Been Easy

DEDICATED TO MR PAALU (THE MOTIVATOR) and MISS SATYA WEILING (THE EDUCATOR) and to all Aspiring yogis from Tirisula Yoga School. OM

Lets  remind ourselves that yoga teachers are people too (it’s the truth!), and they have all the burdens and financial responsibilities that we and everyone else in this modern world have. So us yoga teachers, if we want to put food in the mouths of our children and a roof over their heads too, still have to run a viable business, just like everyone else.
That’s fair enough, right?
That means that yoga teachers have to follow all the same principles of business success that everyone else does right?  … and every business owner, whatever their industry, knows that long term success rests on creating happy, repeat customers, right?
Put it this way. If I were a disposable razor company, I would be competing with other disposable razor companies to make the best darn disposable razor possible, wouldn’t I? The problem is that it can’t be too good!  After all, I don’t want my customers to never need another razor!
But is that really the right attitude for a yoga teacher to have? “I want to be a good teacher, but not so good that you’ll never need me anymore?”

In fact, that attitude, and it is more prevalent in the modern yoga world than we might think because it is the underlying attitude of the modern business world, not only hurts so many sincere, aspiring yoga students, but it ends up killing a yoga teacher’s business, not helping it to grow and flourish!
With the logic that you only give your customers enough to keep them coming back, teaching people how to do yoga on their own, at home, would most certainly lead to the eventual demise of a teacher’s livelihood. … right? But let me tell that this fear is completely irrational. In fact, it is an assumption, that is just plain wrong! When our students grow, through our instruction and guidance, into practitioners of yoga who have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to practice yoga on their own, they will NOT disappear! In fact, they will become even more dedicated to us because we have proven to them that we are indeed a GREAT TEACHER.

It means that they will keep sending new students our way! Swami Gitananda used to tell people that his aim was not to create perpetual students, but to create eventual yogis! And he did!  Yet as he sent knowledgeable, confident yogis, one after the other back out into the world, he continued to have an endless flood of new students. … Tens of thousands of them!But what if we’re not a Great Guru, or even a really good teacher for that matter … at least not yet anyway? Then teach what we can, as best as we can, to students who can benefit from our current level of knowledge and experience. Above all else, keep studying hard, practicing and growing! Our students don’t need us to be an enlightened master. But if they see us living what you are teaching, and if they see us growing and transforming as time goes by, then they will continue to follow us, and they will encourage others to follow us too!
Unfortunately, most teachers do not approach their yoga classes from this perspective. In fact, most yoga teachers have been trained to run classes which are not geared towards teaching their students how to practice yoga on their own at all.
But they should! Learning how to help our students “learn to practice yoga” is an essential skill that a good yoga teacher must have. Do we want to have students who think that we are an amazing yoga teacher? Do we want to have students who recommend us to others time and time again?Then help them to gain the knowledge, the ability, the confidence and the experience to properly practice yoga, on their own.
Help them to NOT NEED YOU anymore.If we do, then they’ll be more dedicated to us than ever before!
Simply put , positivity increases when it is distributed with selflessness.

Lord Shiva Said:  “Those who are instructed by a knower of Truth, they become knowers of Truth… Those who are instructed by beasts are known to become beasts themselves.”
~ Shiva Puranam


The higher-self within started focusing on a higher power reception which eventually had me searching. Then it appeared REIKI!!!!
My search eventually ended at TIRISULA YOGA. No matter how hard I tried to search for other alternative, a voice kept directing me there. Succumbing to the voice within, I arrived at the destination. A sense of calm assured I was at the right place. There I met Mr Paalu ( The Motivator ) and Miss Satya Weiling ( The Educator ).
There ensured a lot of Q & A, after which I was enrolled into the REIKI course plus the 200hr yoga course with my minimal experience in Asanas.
First day into the REIKI , gave me the understanding of its origin and depth of its purpose and value. The first attunement gave me a sensation that I had experienced before. During the process, the whole body including the surroundings felt connected but I had a rush of energy that made my hairs on my body stand. After the attunement a new feeling had ignited, the upper forehead had begun to pulsate and throb. Now usually during my own meditation practices I will always have a throbbing sensation at the brow chakra (ajna) or a whirlwind sensation at the crown of the head. This new sensation gave me a boost for my curiosity and I wanted more of it…
Second day was interesting where we got to learn how to use REIKI to transmit and heal. Then we had a second attunement. This time round the throbbing on my upper forehead intensified. During the whole process I focused on the sensation in the forehead, suddenly my whole being relaxed into a state of bliss and awareness. I was able to sense every movement that was made, every breath, every sound was heard crystal clear. Then all I could hear was a ‘zinging’ sound in my head. After the session we had to experiment with our new improved energy with two cups of coke. One of the cups with coke we had to use REIKI on it. The other we had to compare the taste without REIKI. Focusing my new energy with the intent to heal, I placed my palms onto the sides of the cup and send REIKI for about a minute. To my surprise, the coke in the cup started to bubble more. We could actually see the bubbles forming. Then came the taste test. We had to taste the original coke and then the other with REIKI infused. My fellow learners claimed that theirs tasted better with REIKI infused whereas mine tasted like it received a turbo boost. It tasted stronger and gaseous. The original tasted better. Guess I need more practice. Next we had to try test the energy on one another to get our sensations and feelings right. We all had different sensations but we understood it to be unique to own individual feel. We all had questions to try to understand more that was taught to us from the symbols to the sensations. Our two teachers made it clear to us that they can only show the way, the journey is our own. The destination is now the present.
Coming out of this two day sessions , I feel my purpose on this planet has been heightened and has confirmed my path or destiny. For all this events , I must thank Mr Paalu and Miss Satya Weiling for the experience. Above all I thank the higher power within that will be guiding me for the rest of my journey.
O ARUNACHALA from the first time I laid my eyes on you you attracted me with your love just like a lover falling in love at first sight, the heart fills with your name. Every moment you are my thoughts , my breath. Oh great Father how many lifetimes have I waited , but now I have arrived with thy grace.

Yoga Nidra

i get all excited thinking about going on and on with this topic! haha; and im sure many of you know’s the reason why. c’mon who doesnt when you know you can finally unwind through the day, the week’s or even the month’s worries, troubles or just tiredness in a simple shavasana (corpse pose) and allow the mind to just drift into whatever fairytale land we have in our kiddiest state, or even better, in a state of complete blankness and just shut off the world and the mind and the soul. (wow, typing this now in the sunny weather blasting outside my window, i just want to retreat into this state like IMMEDIATELY,plsss)

Yoga Nidra, definded as a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs,  is also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, is a relax and rejuvenation technique that was originated manymany centuries ago.  Initiated to induce a full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, this is one easy practice that is becoming very well liked by people these days due to our hectic work schedule that even in our sleep, we dream of our work, school and more stress! Therefore, this has been proven to be more effective in the form of psychic and physiological rest than our conventional sleep !
Normally done with a guided teacher around, this yoga nidra can also be done on your own if your already familiar with the sequence. so, help yourself, get rid of all the unnecessary tensions around the muscles, your emotions, and mentally. Do this at least 3 times a week and you’ll eventually find the difference in you and allow the new self to strut down the street with confidence without slouching the back, without the heavy burdens bringing you down anymore!
and this is my favourite part of the relaxation text:
“Feel the breath, Feel each inhalation as it enters the body, and each exhalation as it exits the body. Let the breathing be soft, full, easy. Continue to observe the breath, letting your body sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. Let the body sink deeper and deeper into the support of the floor”
“You feel the gentle warm breeze on your face, in your hair and under your feet. You feel yourself sinking down into the sand a little as it supports your whole body. Your body is feeling heavy and relaxed; Feel the breath, let it slow down deeply, let your tummy rise as you breathe in and tummy fall as you exhale. You lay there for awhile, hearing the waves,feeling the soft warm sand beneath you.”
Relax. Rejuvenate to a Whole New You.

My Best Friend, My First Student

Yesterday, was my very first lesson as a teacher. Even though it was my friend, i was feeling rather tensed up to conduct! However the feeling gradually subsided as the lesson went by.
And i realised, coaching an all beginner’s class is extremely different from a beginner who at least knows abit about yoga. It was a challenge to even get them to flow from one move to another, needless to say about the proper alignment and postures. And amusingly, like what we said to the masters in our first few lessons while doing Marichyasana, “my hand is too short, i cant bind”. That’s exactly what my friend complained! “my legs are too long, i can’t put my heels down” while doing downward facing dog, when i got her to straighten the back and putting the heels down.  HAHA.
It was a one-to-one personal lesson, and i think it was really nice, it felt more exclusive and i could put all my attention on her, allowing her to work out to her max. Though she was complaining about aches here and there today, but this shows i worked her hard. (And, isnt this the time for us to compensate for all the pain and sweat we’ve been through all these while! haha) Soaking in perspiration after the lesson, it also changed her perception of yoga being one with only easy,simple stretches!
Now, i feel the satisfaction to make one work out, sweat it all, be a teacher to all. It’s a feeling hard to describe, a feeling you can’t derive from other jobs. Love it, more lessons to come! (:

The Journey

Im amazed by how time flies; amazed by myself; amazed by all my classmates, at how we perservered through the intensive course these 3 weeks. As the title itself suggests, intensive, was definitely not a scam. Our day started as early as 5am, reaching the studio by 7.
In fact, the first week was torturous! I would drag myself out of bed, lug my mat, my big bag and leave the house when everyone else were still in their deep slumber. I would secretly whine to myself inside, but today, i have not regretted once, for taking up this course and never will I be. I am already seeing myself doing this, 10 years,20 years down the road and i know i will.
Despite the absence of luxurious facilities, I love the place. For its conduciveness, for the peacefulness, for the warmth spread by everyone, which made that place very much like a second home to me for the past 3 weeks. We brushed through pain and sweat, finishing the very last set of moves with cleanched fists and teeth, burying our heads in the books of words, going beyond our limits day after day just for the aim of becoming an excellent teacher, to our future students. Like what the masters said, we want to become a ”teacher” and not just an ”instructor”, we want to be able to share all our knowledge to the students and not be one who just enters the class to conduct and give lessons.  Doesn’t sound like a task huh, but all these takes more than just actions. It’s the passion, the love to share.
Now that I have finished the course, I actually felt lost for the day, for there was no one around to push me deeper into the asana, get me to pump harder, suck in the belly more, use the core instead of momentum, squeeze your glutes, square the hips. OMGOSH. Im missing everyoneeeeeee!
All the best for the rest of you completing the 500. and me, I’ll work hard on my own here, and i shall visit all of you very soooon! :DD

Up and Running With Yoga?

I believed being a runner before I began practicing Yoga would give me a distinct advantage in terms of health, fitness and flexibility.  In some respects perhaps it did help with my endurance, the ability to hold the asana for that much longer.  However, I also experienced a huge disadvantage in that my knees and ankles were extremely tight, limiting my ability to get into asanas that required flexibility in these regions.  Runners generally experience lower back and knee pain and usually have tight knees, ankles, hips and hamstrings and stretching is imperative as flexible muscles are extremely important in the prevention of most leg injuries. 
After some research I found the following which is relevant to me and my tight knees.  I discovered that though the pain may be felt mainly in the knee, the problem is actually caused by the muscles that support the knee. Namely the tensor fasciae latae and the large muscle at the rear of your upper leg, gluteus maximus.
The iliotibial band is actually a thick tendon-like portion of another muscle called the tensor fasciae latae. This band passes down the outside of the thigh and inserts just below the knee.
The diagram below shows the anterior (front) view of the right thigh muscles. If you look towards the top left of the diagram, you’ll see the tensor fasciae latae muscle. Follow the tendon of this muscle down and you’ll see that it runs all the way to the knee. This thick band of tendon is the iliotibial band. Or iliotibial tract, as it is labelled in the diagram.
The main problem occurs when the tensor fasciae latae muscle and iliotibial band become tight. This causes the tendon to pull the knee joint out of alignment and rub against the outside of the knee, which results in inflammation and pain.
Biomechanical causes include:
        Leg length differences;
        Tight, stiff muscles in the leg;
        Muscle imbalances;
        Foot structure problems such as flat feet; and
        Running style problems such as pronation.
Prior to beginning Yoga, I would rarely stretch before or after a run, which resulted in tight leg muscles and I also suffer from flat feet which worsened my condition.  Other muscles in the lower back, hip, backside and upper leg also affect the function of the knee, so it’s important to pay attention to all these muscles.
In addition, Yoga involves a much more focused awareness of breath and how it affects the body.  Some articles have shown that yoga’s emphasis on breathing through the nose helps a runner become more aware of their breath, “accessing the richest supply of blood to transport to the lungs.”  Such breathing increases lung capacity, which enhances both energy and stamina for runners, focused breathing can ease the muscle tension that runners carry, and it can also relax the entire body.  Yoga complements running perfectly in that you should challenge the body in new ways and it can improve balance and breathing, it can balance out overworked muscles and increase the fluidity of the entire body so that a single, overused muscle does not throw everything off balance.
Asanas/exercises to reduce knee tightness:
Salamba Kapotasana (Pigeon pose) – ensure you are supported by using your fingers to support your upper body weight
Padmasana – modify by gently bouncing the bound knee to warm up/stretch before attempting to go into the asana
Baddha Konasana (Cobblers pose or butterfly)
Sitting with both legs wrapped behind you (calves to be parallel with thigh muscle) 


Till there was you….

I am gonna save the breath for alot of people. I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts.  I am not an angel, never was and never will be.
If you know me well enough, you will know I live by these two words: Carpe Diem. With that, it has brought me to where I am today. And today, I shall bring this phrase UP a notch and live my life by it. Yes live by CD WITH a ‘few’conditions- aka 8 Limbs. Good luck!
Just two days and I manage to do a ‘baby’ headstand! The amazement will continue to come, I was told. Even as I type, my Bandha is tucked in consciously! 🙂
STOP your milk! It is not giving you the nutrients you think you are getting. It fills you up because it is not digested! Isn’t that a little revelation out of the many that was discovered just in two days…
Let me see:
The fact that we have been consuming germified Protein, our Fish, Chicken… the travelling back and forth without refrigeration, it is contaminated.
The way a baby and an adult breathes differs from a Yogi and again a yogi’s breathing differs from a Yogi Intermediate. Breathing is breathing ain’t it but it truly is life changing. The Ujayi- Strong Exhales freshens up my day and it sure stimulates my Dumpster! Having to work after my weekday classes posses as a challenge, NOT! It energizes you actually ONLY with the right kind of diet. Do not limit yourself, feel good and you will get what I mean. I ate meat in lesser quantity and my fruits and Vegetables intake increased. I felt good after my long 18 hours training and work day. You take care of your body, it naturally functions your mind and takes care of you.
As we go deeper into our studies…
The fling:
I should have an “Asteya”(never ‘steal’ or in my case, be ‘stolen’) inked across my heart! And amazing this connects with the Power of my Brain. I have allowed someone to steal my balance and happiness in life. It is all in my hands all this while. We all know don’t we?! We just don’t realise it when the devil approaches. Anything so tempting must be good. As I type, this guy is text-ing me and I am choosing to ignore it. The course has strengthen me in that aspect and I fell a little when this guy came back into my life. It is not his fault, neither is it of anyone’s who instigated it. It is my lack of control and self respect that allowed it to happen. So it has to stop. With the morning meditations, having time for myself allowing my outer self to understanding my inner self and to know what exactly I want to be seen as, to live by, I was literally breathing my root of believe through my skin. I walk the talk! I knew what exactly I want in life, how I want to be treated and I survived the temptations and I am able to stand up tall and say “I did it!” What ever you say flatters me but it is only when I react that it will matter to me. So I’ll holler “Bring it on!” – Asteya!
Be the change:
As I am enjoying beautiful Hot weather in Sentosa, I am wondering how long am I able to enjoy this. The breeze that blows against my skin, the sun kissed skin of the sunbathers around me, the coconut trees, as I look up they are set against the clear blue sky. I think to myself, this is just perfect! With my margarita.. Oops! Did I say Magarita? Alcohol? No…. I wouldn’t have drank that while practising Yoga. Well, we often take all the simple pleasures in life for granted. It’s hot, im sweating and I decide to take a plunge in the sea.
TADAH! I see plastics!! Don’t ‘they’ realise that this is like smoking to the sea?! They are freaking spoiling the very limited wonders of nature(of what it’s left). Annoying aint it?! Unless, they start setting good examples.. I hope they do not have kids! Ha. That will stop the vicious cycle.
Told you I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts! Stop judging.
Choo choo-ed:
I have not taken the MRT for some time now. Let alone the bus. I dislike the close proximity I have with strangers. I feel they simply have no concept of personal space. As I started my training at Haji lane, I am not very willing to pay carpark fees (to the government) for the whole day. Hence, I started taking the MRT. It is early morning so I must say, it was a slow transition and it was a good one. Even now, after the training, I am willing to take the public transport. I feel the training has changed me. It made me a simpler person. I have been helped to merge with the masses and enjoy every moment of it. My perspective of respect of space has not changed but I have been opened to leave the automobile behind and ‘feel’ my surroundings.  It doesn’t matter anymore, the automobile has become a mode of convenience more than ever. It is no longer, the prestige that I have been always grateful for. Now, I am grateful, I have my Number. 11 to bring me to places. Not sure if I have been clear… thoughts and understanding comes with experience. If the above sounds, like crap or alien to you. I must say, you will understand one day(if you choose to understand) as you go through the course of life.
The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.  ~Chinese Proverb
Give me my Veg!
It is amazing how in the first lesson when I learnt about how trashy some foods I have been consuming are! Some are useless and some I have been missing out on! The switch from a lean meat diet to an All Veg.  was pretty easy. I am amazed. I reckon I didn’t want to jeopardise my flexibility and after my first digestive Anatomy lesson, certain meat disgusts me. The thought of it rotting in my body, turns me off. I did a movie before and the focus was on Chicken, I have seen how it disintegrate into Dark Greyish Gooey substance WITH maggots in it. So imagine…
Apparent changes that I see today in a snap of my fingers.(yes, it is that fast.) My morning breath smells better now, the Poop is smoother now and I am killing lesser animals than I used to! If you are still a meat lover, I’d say, “I love you” but if you consume Shark’s fin, I’d say “You suck!” Did you know that the cartilage of Shark’s Fin does not have any taste at all? Yes, so next time when you go to a wedding dinner and as you chew on the ‘delicious’ shark’s fin think about what your next generation is gonna say when you talk about sharks… What sharks? They wouldn’t even know what sharks are because they will be like the mystical Dodos that we never had the chance to see.
Wash it off:
After 2 attempts of Basthi. I finally did it!!! It smelled!! Bad, toxic kind. Not the usual pungent smell. Yuccks!!! First attempt failed as I did not clear my bowels and the pressure was higher than the outside hence. The second attempt, left me in my kinda half  Dhanurasana position for some time. LOL. Did some Udiyana Bhanda and tadah! Into the toilet bowl! Good feeling after. Nice. Felt I could finish up the Whole Turkey! Oh no wait. Did I say I’m vegetarian now? What about a entire field of greens?!
Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.  ~Lillian Dickson
Keeping in mind the 8 limbs and this takes Carpe Diem up one notch!