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Mudras and me

Before I started this YTT course, I have never came across the word Mudra. It was only in the first week of the YTT training that we were taught what mudras were. When I was exposed to this topic, I was intrigued by how something as simple as a Mudra

Running with Mindfulness

A short reflection on running and mindfulness today.   My first love is and always has been running – I’ve run consistently since I was a teenager and it’s been a kind of up-and-down relationship. Running when I’m angry, running on good days and holidays. I found my way to

Yoga for creativity : Meditation and Pranayama (Part 1)

 Are you stuck in a creative rut? I am a victim of this. I always feel that I have lost my creativity or I get stuck after some time of working long hours, trying to meet deadlines, following schedules and fixing problems in projects and design. It happens to a

Slow down

Today, we live in a fast-paced world – constantly moving from place to place, multi-tasking all the time, being constantly being plugged in to your devices, and just moving through life without stopping and noticing things around you, or taking time to appreciate life, people around you, or even yourself.

My efforts at Yoga Meditation and Mudras

I’ve always wanted to get into the habit of meditation but to no avail, there are always so many distractions out there. I tried all sorts of methods in the past, having a set routine – time and space for meditation, setting alarm reminders, downloading meditation apps like Headspace but

The Healing Touch

Feeling unwell? Fingers to the rescue! Practicing hand yoga is known to relieve health problems. It’s also known as hand gestures called “Mudras” in Sanskrit that is often used in meditation or pranayama breathing to channel the flow of energy within the body by your hands. Everything in nature including

Kapalabhathi Pranayama

Kapalabhathi was one of the first few terms taught to us on the first day of this TTC course and I became fascinated by this whole new world of breathing techniques. There are many different types of kriyas and they are devised to help one with their overall well-being.  

Get started with Mudras

“Mudra” in Sanskrit means gesture. With regular and correct practise, mudras are able to balance the energy within the mind and body of oneself. This can contribute to overall well-being or prevent future health problems. Mudras done using different motions with our hands are called Hasta Mudra. This can influence

The Power of Om

Have you ever been to a yoga class and the teacher begins and ends the class with a loud “Om” together? When I first started yoga, I have always wondered the meaning of this sound, the purpose of chanting Om, and the benefits for our body. What is Om? Om

Walking Meditation with Pranayama

Following our theory session on Pranayama in the third weekend of our training course, I thought I could experiment with incorporating in my morning walks the key Pranayama techniques that Master Paalu had taught us. These were: Gentle, regulated and extended breath Using the standard ratio of 1:2 (inhalation:exhalation) I