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Meditation is amrit (अमृत) for my Vata mind

A practice which is seemingly easy but tough. As someone who is grounded in the ways of science, I went to look up how meditation improves my self-awareness, mental health and other benefits it proposes.  Meditation is now gaining momentum, as most people live a fast-paced and stressful routine. It

Meditation for balancing heart chakra

The heart chakra, or anahata, represents the center of love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. A healthy alignment of heart chakra will make us feel surrounded by love, compassion and joy. We are open to all experiences in life. We can see all the goodness and love around us. We can

Meditation to relieve depression

Depression is a mental health condition that presents many symptoms such as low mood that cannot be shaken off, loneliness, sadness, sleep problem, suicidal thoughts, anxiety & irritability which are the more common ones. If you have these signs for more than two weeks, you might have a depression disorder.

Sound Meditation: Why it Helps?

Sound has an ancient kinship with meditation and healing. Sound baths is a meditative experience, where the attendees are “bathed” in sound waves. By using repetitive notes at different frequencies, you will be able to remove your thoughts and enter to the meditation stage. Generally, these sounds are created with

Meditation with Singing Bowls

I’m not one who can sit still or lie down in Savasana and meditate through the complete quietness without having passing thoughts through the minute, and therefore have explored different methods to quiet the mind through while focusing on holding through yoga poses, swimming, walking in the park, to even

Types of Meditation

What is Meditation? Meditation can also be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.  Although tied to many different religious teachings, it is more about altering consciousness, finding awareness, and achieving a sense of calm and inner peace.

Mala Beads for meditation

What is the origin of mala beads? Sometimes known as Buddhist prayer beads, mala beads are long necklace-type tools traditionally used for mantra practice and meditation. They have a deep connection to mental grounding and help opening the mind to spirituality. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in

Meditate through poses

As I regularly meditate, meditation during movement is a common practice I do, but how to meditate when doing exercise is quite a challenge. As the excessive breath and big movement will make it quite hard to focus. Surprisingly after regularly practice, I realised we can easily go into meditation

Meditating before a dance competition

On the 13th of May 2021 —which is just yesterday as I’m writing this on the 14th— after the YTT class at 1pm, I went off for my 1st dance competition. Thus far, I’ve only ever performed professionally/in school throughout my dance journey, but never have I participated in a

Restore Balance In Your Mind & Body With Pranayama

“I took a deep breath and listened to that old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.” – Sylvia Plath Image from Unsplash Breathing is something that we do involuntarily, day in, day out. It comes as no surprise that we hardly ever think about it. However,