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The Core Muscle That Truly Matters

For the longest time, I have associated core muscles only with rectus abdominis, otherwise known as ~abs~. We live in a society that glorifies the possession of the so-called ~6-pack~, making it the ultimate goal for any workout, a social trophy that could mean you have strength, endurance, and overall

Setting an intention in yoga and beyond

It’s not until recently that I no longer thought “setting an intention for our practice today” is just one of those things yoga teachers say. It happened when this connects internally for me what intention means, not just for my yoga practice but beyond that in life as well. Let’s

Yoga – The Art of Balance

Balance is a term that we have all heard and tried to inculcate in our lives with multilevel tasks. And often we have been subjected to the criticism that how we fail in striking that perfect balance. This is something that we know but fail to achieve it. The term

Yoga playlists

Music moves me. It’s always been incorporated in my yoga practice as well so I thought I would share my love for both in this post. In no place is music more intensely experienced for yogis than in a yoga class. When we practice together, moving and breathing as one,

Yoga for Anger Management

The hit of COVID-19 has adversely impacted the entire world, from our physical health to economically and emotionally too. With the uncertainty towards the future, many people’s Muladhara chakras are activated/blocked as their jobs and livelihoods are at stake. Basic needs that we take for granted like our physiological needs

Understanding your Chakras

Ever since I started YTT program, I’ve made an effort to develop my self-awareness and be more conscious of my surroundings. Other than practicing yoga and pranayama, learning about the chakras and knowing my chakra has definitely helped me gained a deeper understanding of myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There

Pranic Food

In yogic philosophy, Prana which is a Sanskrit word that has a number of interpretations in English, including “life force,” “energy” and “vital principle” is also known as Chi or Ki in other traditions. All living beings have the innate ability to absorb and utilize Prana to sustain life. Food

A slow and steady path towards the yogi diet

I’m a strong believer of “you are what you eat”, since over half a year that I’ve been trying to be conscious of my food intake. As many of you I’m a big foodie and I truly enjoy spending a meal in company.  Few tips that I can share here

The beginning of my meditation jouney

2020 should have been a year when we take everything slowly and pausing for longer. However, I realized that this has been one of the most productive years of my life. I’ve never spent so much time learning about myself, checking in with myself to see how I felt throughout

Yoga – a way of life

For the past few years I have always been inquisitive about the world of yoga. This ancient form of unifying one’s self with the universe had fascinated me. There are endless videos and articles on the benefits of yoga on physical and mental health. I slowly started my exploration by

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