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Does glucosamine help in improving joint health?

I just bought a bottle of vegetarian glucosamine a few days ago as I heard my knee joints pop during fast knee extensions. I remembered I was prescribed glucosamine sulphate by a specialist in NUS when I had a mild knee joint injury about 10 years ago. The debate is

How I became a vegetarian with Asanas, Ahimsa and Satya.

After a yoga class At the beginning yoga and daily life were two separate things for me. After practicing a yoga asanas class, I felt the need to eat a lot. My mind pattern was “you have worked out a lot, now you need to eat” (eg Aparigraha I guess).

Toning and Slimming Yoga for the Body

All yoga asanas have a multitude of beneficial effects. Each asana is cleverly designed to address different parts of the body, stretching, and toning various muscle groups and nourishing specific internal organs or system. Many asanas work to regulate the metabolic rate and eliminate toxins from the body. Yoga asanas

What we need from food?

The human body needs food for two purposes – as fuel for energy, and as a raw material to repair itself. In the proper diet, food has several basic components, such as fibre, carbohydrates, and vitamins. All of these are essential if the body is to function at its best.

Finding sustenance in Singapore

Each time I breeze  into a new place it takes a few days to find a venue that offers a truly satisfying meal for a vegan.  Arriving in Singapore I was not at all prepared, it was late, I was tired, and a strenuous yoga session was fast approaching. Day 1- I drag myself out

Evidence to support a plant-based diet

For a long time I have believed as an O+ blood type, I should stick to a diet consisting largely of animal protein. However when I started the 200 hour teacher training course with Tirisula Yoga, I found eating a meal with meat the night before significantly affected the way

Drink up with a smile

Our most precious resource is what makes us what we are. A fertilized egg is 96% water. At birth a baby is 80% water, as a child matures the percentage drops and stabilizes around 70%. The human body is mostly made up of water. So how can so many people

Pomegranate and cucumber salad

This recipe is yummy I got it from vegetarian living magazine. I tried it, husband loves it and my 9 year old too. I’ve made some alteration as I found the onion taste too strong. It’s a 6 serving recipe, it only contains 75 cals per serving and it is


Ratatouille is a traditional french provencal stewed vegetable dish. It was made famous in the Pixar movie with the same name as the dish. ‘Touille’ in french essentially means tossed food. I stumbled upon my version of ‘Ratatouille’ when I first prepared my baby daughter’s food. It was at a

Eating for Flexibility

Although it is difficult to find a significant amount of scientific data supporting the idea that food choices affect flexibility, personal experiences seem to indicate that what we eat can effect the physical deepening of our asana practice. Food can affect our bodies in so many different ways:  weight changes,