Camel – Ustrasana



          This kneeling backbend can help you boost your mood and leave you feeling confident and energetic! Camel pose counteracts our flexion-dominants lifestyles by broadening the chest. This pose stretches the front of your body which including your abdominals and thighs, while engages your back muscles, buttock and thighs.


~ Your cervical extensors (splenius muscles) and upper trapezius engage to extend your neck, while your cervical flexors ( longus muscles, sternocleidomastoid) stabilize, preventing your head from dropping back and creating and even, controlled curve.


~ Your spinal extensors (erector spinae) and quadratus lumborum engage to extend your spine while your abdominals stretch, Your pectorals ( pectoralis major) stretch when you broaden your chest. Your middle and lower trapezius work with your rhomboids to retract and stabilize your scapulae, while your serratus anterior stretches.


~Your posterior deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and teres major muscles engage to extend your shoulders, while your triceps extend your elbows.


~ Your hip extensors (gluteus maximus, biseps femoris, semitendinosus ) engage to help you lean back, while your hip flexors (iliopsoas, rectus femoris) stretch. Your quadriceps (vastus lateralis) engage and lengthen, working with your hamstrings to stabilize your thighs,