Bye bye! Sinus!

I have been suffering from sinus for recent 10 years. I have been very sensitive to air conditioning , dust mite, dust, etc. Most of time, one nostril is always blocked. I had many sleepless night because both nostrils were blocked and I refused to be a “mouth breather”! When I was doing martial arts, I had to breath so hard from only 1 nostril, it was embarrassing! I have visited doctors and they told me I have to do surgery… Or go through years of dust mite allergy therapy. 

Last month I was introduced to Sutra Neti in my Yoga teacher training class, which is a nostril cleansing practice. We were given a smooth rubber band, about 30cm long, and told to put into one nostril, and slowly put it out from the mouth.  It was very easy for me to achieve it, maybe because I have suffered so much for my sinus I will do anything that helps.  Ever since that day,  I haven’t had any problem with my nose!

So now I have been doing it once every week or two weeks, when I start feeling sinus, I perform Sutra Neti for 10 seconds on each nostril, and I will have smooth breathing for next few days!


My husband usually runs away when I take out the rubber band, he’s very scared to see this!! 

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