by JO Lesson P…

by JO
Lesson Plan – Beginner (75mins)
Introduction – 5 mins to introduce myself and take note on the health condition of students.
1) Warm up
2) Breathing – Introduce Ujjayi Breathing
3)Surya Namaskara B – Breakdown 
3) Virabhadrasana A
4) Baby Combra, Combra and Child pose
5) Dandasana
6) Paschimottanasana A & B
7) Baddha Konasana
8) Camel and Child pose 
9) Padmasana
10) Sarvasana
* This is the 1st class for beginner. Basically focus on the breathing and introduce some basic standing and sitting poses. The No. 4) & 8) is a preparation exercises for upward dog and back bend.

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