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Growing up as a scrawny kid, a concerned uncle would always ask me “ Do you do your “business” everyday?” at the most inappropriate time and place, namely at the dinner table with a clan of almost 20 persons. His rationale- if I was pooping all right, there wouldn’t be worms in my tummy feeding on the food that I ate. These worms, according to him, were the culprits to my underweight physic because they absorb all the goodies from my body. He added that if I don’t poop regularly, they will stay in my body and continue to grow. For a period of time, I refused to look into the toilet bowl after doing the deed for fear of finding squirmy worms in it. Thanks Uncle! Indeed I was (still am) suffering from constipation. But I’m pretty sure it’s NOT because of these damn worms.

Understanding how the digestive system functions, types of food and what they are broken down into, and which asanas can improve digestion and relieves constipation, has been really helpful in regulating my “number two” routine. Here are a few poses that I find worth sharing:

  1. Vajrasana (Thunderbolt)- a pose that accelerates digestion and reduces bloat. Simple and easy to do, comfortable even after a meal, best done infront of the TV (hehe)
  2. Pawanmuktasana- the “wind releasing pose”- the name itself cracks me up. Warning: this may cause people in the same room to flee. 
  3. Dhanurasana (Bow)- a very effective pose, especially when one is able to rock back and forth. This movement stimulates the colon. 
  4. Paschimottanasana- Intense forward fold.
  5. Kapaalabathi and Udiyama Bandha- breathing techniques that can aid in digestion too.

Do note that point 2 to 5 should be done with an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after a full meal. Remember to avoid doing activities that can restrict the digestive system during this period.

Happy pooping peeps!

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