Building strength with yoga

When I first began doing yoga I wanted to fix my body, my body has always been weak and scrawny. But as my body grew it required more attention and needs and I didn’t do much about it, for that reason one by one, medical problems arose. My immune system was very bad, my bones were tilting, I was constantly tired, stressed and never really hungry. I tried to eat but my appetite was little to nothing. I often got teased about my skinny body. So I tried to gain weight and getting fit. But nothing seemed to help I couldn’t stay motivated with routine workouts, going to the gym. So one day I decided to dedicate time to doing yoga. I had done a little yoga in my life years back, but this time I took it more seriously and I started seeing improvements in my body as I progressed. Yoga helped me stay fit and feel good about my body. My body slowly became stronger and less tense. My hunger grew because I was staying so active and everything began hurting a little less. I recently decided to take a big step into my yoga life, I decided to take on a 200hr teacher training course to firstly learn more about yoga and to share my knowledge to others by becoming a teacher. I think that for so many people they don’t realize that they have the power to change their lifestyle and body to a much healthier way by doing yoga. I hope to help teach others how yoga help me and how it can help them. I hope to still grow and become stronger, my yoga journey has just begun and so I’m so thrilled to see what life has waiting for me.