Take My Breath Away


Learning about the different Pranayamas has got to be one of my favourite subjects ever. Depending on your needs, you can use different Pranayama to energize or relax you. Prana as we all know, refers to Life force or ‘Qi’ as the Chinese calls it. And ayama refers to expansion. Pranayama thus connotes extension of breath and its control. It is the science of breath. A yogi’s rhythmic patterns of slow breathing strengthens the respiratory system and reduces craving. As our cravings diminshes, our mind thus become free and is now a fit vehicle for oncentration.

Active Pranas include: Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Nadi Shodana on the right side, Ujayi, Bhramari.

Passive Pranas include: Anuloma Viloma, Chandraloma, Nadi Shodana on the left side, Murcha, Samvritti.

Pranayama is an essential part of Yoga practice because it keeps you grounded. While Asanas may help us to unblock trapped Prana, it doesn’t increase our Prana. In fact, Master Paalu shared that too much focus on Asanas alone will lead to mental instability which is why it’s important to balance and restore our Prana.

Some tips that were shared:

  • Inhalation: 6seconds
  • Exhalation: 12 seconds
  • Left hand in Chin Mudra, Right hand in Visnu Mudra
  • Minimum: 10 mins (15-20mins is optimal)
  • Left nostril is linked to moon (cools you down)
  • Right nostril is linked to sun (heats you up)

I’ve started doing Anuloma Viloma every night and it does make a difference in how I feel in the mornings when I wake up. No longer tired and sleepy but fresh and well rested -always.


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