Breakfast of Champions

I’m a typical “no-breakfast-can’t-function” person.
Even after I’ve scrambled into the office, my energy levels won’t have peaked enough for me to start working effectively until I’ve had my first meal of the day, preferably accompanied by a steaming mug of latte. But once that’s sorted, I truly feel awake and ready to take on anything.
That said, certain food does give me a better energy boost than others. I like to combine them to whip up one-bowl smoothies, or just plonk everything on top of my yogurt if I don’t have time.
Here are my 5 must-have breakfast essentials that I always stock up on at home:
Chock-full of healthy fats, my favourites are chopped almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. They add such a nice crunch in every bite.
Tiny but mighty, these “superfood” are packed with antioxidants, and are said to help with everything from lowering your blood pressure, to improving memory and brain function – great for upping your overall daily productivity.
These creamy fruit are a great source of heart-healthy fats that also help lower cholesterol levels, and aid in absorption of other vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
I buy the brand Farmer’s Union because they have a particular tub with just a smidge of honey added. That takes away much of the tang, so it’s easier to eat on its own. Did I also mention that it adds to your calcium intake and is loaded with twice the amount of protein as normal yogurt?
My go-to stomach-filler if there’s really nothing else at home, bananas digest slowly, giving you an energy boost without the spike in sugar levels; they are also a good source of potassium.
Try incorporating these energy food into your daily breakfast today! If you need some ideas on how to mix and match, here’s an article I wrote on 3 smoothie bowl recipes to fuel your day. And yes, I have tried them out myself – in fact, they are some of my breakfasts before heading to YTT on the weekends. 🙂 Enjoy!
Cheryl Leong (200hr Hatha/Ashtanga Weekends – July 2015)

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