Brahmin and Goat – Politics The Way It is

Once a man went to the animal market to purchase a goat and was taking it home.  On the way home, 3 thieves spotted this brahmin and thought and hatched an idea to steal the goat from this brahmin, right under his nose.  The brahmin, as he is, was a strong, hardheaded man and was no easy task to steal something from him.  The robbers thought of some tricks and through diplomacy to get the goat.
The first thief walked right to the brahmin on the road and said, “Howdy, What was the amount you paid for this dog that you are carrying on your shoulders?”  The brahmin retorted, “Dog, what dog?  You blind or what?  Madness?  It is a goat stupid fool.  I bought her at the market for $50.”
The thief replied humbly, “Up to you, you know man, seeing a brahmin lugging a dog on his shoulders .. Hey Bro, it looks to me like a dog.  There might be some mistake?”
The Brahmin, shrugged and went along his way.  He started wondering what a sick world this is.  A goat for a dog?  What rubbish? What kind of man? But in any case, he touched the feet of the goat just in case, to have confirmation that it was actually a goat.  “It is definitely a goat.”
Just when he finished his confirmation, the second thief was waiting across the road.  He shouted over to the brahmin, “Hey Bro, What a beautiful dog you have there!”  Now the brahmin started thinking and had no courage to insist that it was not a dog.  Two men, caanot be wrong.  Maybe it is a dog.  Being a brahmin, he thought. “It’s a  goat, you dump, not a damn dog.” His statement got weaker and his voice became more subtle.  His very foundations inside him was shaken.  He started singing his mantra, “It’s a goat, not a dog.”
The thief said, “It’s a goat? You call this a goat? Then, oh brahmin, we have change all definitions of how a goat looks like.  If call this a goat, what would you call a dog?  But it is up to you.  The people that you meet along the way would be weary as they would ask how come a brahmin is carrying a dog on his shoulders. Perhaps you are right.  It is a goat!”
The thief walked away.  The brahmin got the goat down and started staring at it seriously.  It was undoubtedly a goat, like no other.  He rubbed his eyes, splashed some water, but nothing changed.  He was also approaching his village and he thought, if his village people saw him carrying a dog, it would a terrible blow to his worship and his intellect.  People would not pay for his sermons or his prayers anymore.  They would think he is dirty or he has turned mad. 
He once again inspected the goat, now to be really sure that it was.  Once confirmed, he carried the goat on his shoulders and started walking nervously and sheepishly.  He thought to himself, what if someone saw him.
Now came the third thief walking happily and whistling.  When he saw the brahmin, he exclaimed, “What a great dog! Where did you get it?  I want one too for a long time.”
The brahmin shouted back. “Hello buddy, if you want it, just take it.  It is really a dog.  A friend of mine gave it to me. Now it is yours!”  he handed over the goat to the thief and ran home as fast as he could.
In this way, we live our lives.  We become what we believe and what people want us to believe.  They lie, cheat and send fears and rubbish to our heads.  We been led to believe their motives.  People convince us that we are sinners and want us to repent.  The politician wants us to believe everything he says is the truth and if not… they rob us, we allow it.

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