My body's journey through the first week of yoga training

I love my body. I treat it right and I do not need someone else’s comments to make me feel good or bad about my ‘vehicle’. Unlike many of my fellow companions, I have never taken yoga classes previously. Yet, here I am, learning to be a yoga teacher! 

Bravo! is what I said to my body, mind and spirit at the end of the first week. 

I could not bend, touch or breathe (well, breathe correctly that is..). None of this mattered to my ego. 

I brought my soul, my body and my mind on this journey and left my ego wandering elsewhere. So while all my class mates were forging ahead, I was enjoying every new little muscle and nerve that was peeking out of some darkness it had been hiding in my already beautiful self. 

In being kind to myself, I was already excelling as a teacher…. to my self!!




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