The Body as a Vessel

Now that we are coming to a close for the 200H YTT; I’ve realised I have been practicing years of bad habits within my practice. I had to do some unlearning. It is truly not about the quantity or years of your practice, but it is about the quality of your practice.
Before this 200HTT, I would practice yoga mostly as a way to warm up my body before my dance practice. In only three weeks, I have a stronger and better grasp of yoga that is beyond the body. It is about invigorating yourself with vitality in the morning, healing on your own by practicing kriyas (cleansing), keeping a balanced schedule and cyclic rhythm to your life. Yoga is not only beneficial as a movement practice, but as a lifestyle.
It was said that, in the West they would treat the symptom and in the East, they treat the cause. Within our bodies, we hold so much memory, trauma and history that has yet to be confronted. Sometimes, confrontation takes different shapes and forms. Rather than having a sole focus point on the pain that we go through. By focusing on consistent rhythmic breathing, we are able to regulate our mind, body and systems in a way that is beneficial to our holistic well-being. From that place of support deep within, we can confront tightness and tension held within our bodies in a more subtle and relaxed manner. We learn about our selves in a deeper way, things we have been holding for many years and have yet to confront. Maybe, that place is a holding of something we emotionally need to let go of. Who would have thought that nauli, yoga nidra or a hip-opener would be a soft yet healing approach to a better self.
In the long-term, for there to be more astral effects, we must carry on with our practice. I am grateful for this grounding in my yoga practice as a way of living. I can first notice then correct my bad habits and pay more attention to the quality of my practice and my life.
Chloe Calderon Chotrani
200H YTT September 2017

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