Let it Bloom

Our last week, almost the end of 200hr training, let’s celebrate the progression and improvement in each individual. From my own experience, I stepped in the studio with most asana posture performed in the wrong alignment and no ideas with the name of asana. I still remember during my first day, I was one among most that being called out for the wrong alignment asana performance. Well, new discovery always excite me and its really grateful for someone who is willing to correct my mistakes. It wasn’t easy for the breakthrough yet it never be too hard to try out of my comfort zone. I really appreciate the period that being guided by our masters and teachers in tirisula. Day by day, the encouragement to strike for improvement; the discipline to perform a better asana posture; the knowledge to guide us for a better living…… too many things that I have gained. Is nearly the end of the training yet my journey just started. Let’s discover more about what is YOGA.

Thank you for guiding me along the way.


Namaste ~~~

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