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Filipino A-saucha

Short, brown skin, non prominent nose- these are a few of the preconceived physical notion of a Filipina. Cheerful and hospitable are the resounding adjectives of my race. During the first week, Master Paluu asked each race represented by a student in our class to be described. It was stereotype


I really like this asana, although, I cannot do it on my own , I have to have somebody to pull me and twist me in order to get my hands to touch. In the 4 weeks of the course I only managed to do this asana in full, twice.


I have heard the word chakras many times before, it is one of those words that somebody mentions and everyone knows what it is , or what does it mean . But do they, really?? As part of my course, I had an introduction to the Chakras, I can mention

Follow up from the first head stand

In my first blog , I expressed with great enthusiasm the fact that I had done my first EVER head stand and how excited I was to carry on and progress with it. I am quite sad to report that I have not progressed further with it. Quite the opposite!!

Facing your fears

              I decided to give myself a challenge in the beginning of this year. I want to take action before hesitation comes to visit me again. I decided to use one-month time to finish my 200 YTTC class and see how this course will

From Hot Yoga to Ashtanga and get hooked since then

            Why Ashtanga ?   What get me into this?  I can say Hot classes like Hot yoga is a very popular class in commercial yoga studio and sometime it is quite difficult to get an Ashtanga class from them especially during the peak hour