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Ready to teach after YTT?

On the 6th Saturday of YTT at Tirisula, Masters asked us to prepare three lesson plans and submit the ultra beginner plan by the next Friday. OH MY GOD, teaching time came finally! I had been enjoying getting input from masters for past few weeks. To balance it out, we

Going into Zen Mode via the 5 Senses

Hello there! Last week, I partnered up with Sharon to conduct a restorative class for our fellow classmates as part of our practical training and I thought it might be interesting to share with you some of the tips that I have learnt.  Like what the name suggests, a restorative

Yoga for Happiness!

  With the modern fast-pace working life, many would practice yoga or go for a run because they feel good after. Physical activity releases endorphins into your body, which make you feel more relax. We will then influence the people around us by being better and happy too.   Therefore,

Going Hard-Core for a Hard Core

Hello everyone! I’m sure all of you are aware that having a strong core is essential, not just to get into various types of of asana but also to live a quality life. A strong core helps protect our internal organs, keep our spine healthy and prevents injury, reducing the

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

In the modern perception of a yoga practice, under the influence of social media, it is often misinterpreted that Yoga is a pose and the goal of yoga is to achieve the pose. However to practice yoga holistically is to go much deeper than the physical. The yoga poses also

Sound Healing Experience in Bali

I embarked a yoga & relaxation retreats in Ubud Bali this Oct. During my stay, I joined 1-hour sound healing session at Pyraminds of Chi, which is an amazing journey so I would like to share my experience with you. There are 2 impressive Pyramids located in the centre of