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Positive Affirmations

 I’ll like to share with you guys one technique you can use in your next meditation session which is the use of Positive Affirmations! What is it? Positive affirmations can be defined as an action or process of offering emotional support and encouragement. Why is it useful? When we look

Inspire With Every Practice – The path to arm balances & Inversions

“Those that have tripod headstand in their practice, go ahead”, as the teacher instructed while we were holding in wide-legged forward hold. I remember tilting my head up a little while holding the pose (struggling) and saw a lady in front of my mat went upside down steadily and gracefully.

Reminders to an Out of Balance Pitta

Do you have the following characteristics? You are a “walking heater” (i.e. your body temperature is always warm) You get hungry easily (i.e. strong appetite) Your fingers always stain mirrors, glasses or smooth surfaces (i.e. slightly oily skin) In the meantime, do you have the following symptoms? Suffering from skin

Yoga and me

The first time I went to a yoga studio, I was mainly in a search of a well-being. Quite quickly, I found out that the more I was doing yoga the more I was becoming aware of my body. Very quickly my mind followed, yoga allowed me to feel better

Demystifying My Beliefs

Whenever people said “yoga changed my life for the better”, I always thought that it was because of physiological benefits from physical exertion/exercise e.g. improved fitness, increased confidence, better sleep, enhanced overall mood through various factors such as release of endorphins, etc. As a physiotherapy student, I am a firm

Simple Breakfast Idea

Smoothie Bowl Changing our diet to a 100% sattvic one may seem tough and almost impossible, especially when we are living in a country with many tempting food choices. However, that shouldn’t stop us from trying a have healthier diet overall. Here is my go-to quick and simple breakfast idea:- INGREDIENTS