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Asana and Body alignment

Yoga postures are far more than stretching our body to be flexible or strengthen our muscles. In the YTT course, we learn the skeletal system, types of joints, and how they move. The name and location of the muscles that are attached to different bones; how the muscles contract; how

NIYAMA – Tapas

Tapas is one out of the five practices in NYAMA. Literally it means “heat or glow”.  Heat is coming from the sun, where it is the source of energy. Through practicing Tapas, we can feel the energy from the sun, and find a brighter self.    As we grow up

The importance of Pranayama:

Our bodies are just amazed; we can stay alive for a long period of time without food and water, but not without breathing. Breathing is the symbol that we are still alive. On average, we take around 20,000 breaths each day. But how much importance do we give to this

Yoga for the spine: muscles and poses

The spine is very important for our health. It not only gives structure to our body it is also crucial for nervous system health. The practice of asanas, different yoga poses, helps in promoting and sustaining the strength and flexibility of our spine.  One of the most important things about

Uddiyana Bandha, the kriya lock

A Bandha is an energetic lock, helping to lock prana and energy in a specific area of the body, helping to send energy to a specific location. There are three major Bandhas, Mula Bandha (root lock), Uddiyana Bandha (means flying upwards, upwards lock, around the navel), and Jalandhara Bandha (the

Choosing a YTT, reflections

I wanted to share some reflections about choosing your Yoga Teachers Training. I came to this journey with a lot of expectations and hope, excited about what I thought would be a life-changing event. So as I come to a close, I see it relevant to share with you, whoever

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