There is no such thing as blind chance…

There is no such thing as blind chance or accident. If your finite mind is not able to find the cause of an event, it does not mean that this is accidental. Yoga Theory Manual, pg. 23

As we come to the end of this 200hr teacher training I am thinking and feeling many things. It has been an amazing journey! I find that my finite mind is asking how I came to be a part of this teacher training that is nearly 9,000 miles from my home? The simple answer to the question is that I followed my husband to Singapore so that he could work here and be closer to his parents in India. I did not have a problem coming to Singapore because I had already spent several years living in other countries in Asia.  However, my previous moves were  in pursuit of my own career and education and I always felt with utmost certainty that I was going exactly where I needed to go. This time I felt sad to leave the comforts of home, a job that brought me peace, and volunteer work which filled my heart with joy to arrive in the unknown.

Then on day Master Paalu said in class that “the soul is 180 days ahead of the physical body.” I thought about this in relation to my own life. In January, I decided I wanted to do a Yoga teacher training. I looked at several options, but nothing seemed right. I went back to living my life…

So here I am in my 6th week of teacher training at Tirisula Yoga in Singapore and I know for certain that there is no such thing as blind chance or accident. I am deeply thankful and grateful for knowledge and wisdom that the teachers at Tirisula have shared with me. “When I practice, I am a philosopher. When I teach, I am a scientist. When I demonstrate, I am an artist.” BKS Iyengar



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