Birth and rebirth

When we throw water out it will evaporate, enter the atmosphere, reach the clouds and then it will become water again. Similarly when consciousness is this body it may be impure and it may be ignorant, but when this body is gone it becomes pure consciousness.
It is not only one life that a person lives but he goes through a series of lives. Sometimes people are born with memories of the past life. Some can talk about their past life and about things that they buried in their past life. They can dig them up and take them out as evidence. There have been cases like that, that´s why it is called rebirth.
It is the triad of ego, mind and intellect that travels from one body to other body, from one life to other life. As long as desires remain it takes birth over and over again. The cycle of birth and death continues and the consciousness keeps on changing pots. Consciousness is recycled. Energy moves like that everywhere. There is growth up to a particular point, then decay up to a particular point. Life and death are two ends of the same cord. Life appears, disappears and then reappears.
Most events in this life have no apparent cause in this life but they have been sown in previous lives. And if we were told the story of our past life then we could see many causes of the tendencies in our present life. Some people who are able to look into the future can also look into our past lives.
Rebirth as an animal
As long as we work only in the lower three chakras, we do not deserve to have a human birth. If all our life we have been working with the animal instincts, going around only three chakras, food, sleep, sex, a little bit of shelter and a little bit of authority over some people, then it is better we take birth as an animal. Animals have a particular rhythm in which there is a season for this and a season for that. Because in animal life we cannot avoid dharma, dharma is automatically inside of us and by following dharma we evolve from animal into a human being again.
Merging into the source
As long as there are attachments, likes and dislikes, ego continues for the fulfillment of desires. As long as there are desires, individual consciousness needs to be separated from cosmic consciousness and the cycle of birth and rebirth continues. Only when all desires are fulfilled and we don’t need to do anything, then comes the desire to become one with the source and then comes true knowledge. By true knowledge we get illumination and become light, and then we merge into the source.
Once we have merged in the source, our existence is completely lost. Like a drop merges into the ocean and becomes the ocean, individual consciousness merges into the cosmic consciousness and can’t  brought back.

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