Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The first arm balance introduced to me as a beginner is Crow pose. My initial thoughts? How can a beginner do this? It looks so hard! But I guess, we all have to start somewhere right? I wouldn’t say it’s easy but it is definitely doable.

For those who have been practicing this pose, we know that Crow pose in itself is already a full body workout. Apart from it works your arm and core muscles, it strengthens your wrists, back, and legs. And as much as it challenges you physically, I believe it challenges more your mind, especially the focus. Has it ever crossed your mind that you may end up faceplanting on the floor as your yoga teacher tells you to lean forward everytime? I bet everyone had the same fear. This asana definitely teaches us the importance of mind-body connection, and so as the other yoga poses. If we condition our mind to stay calm and focused, for sure we’ll fly in the pose.

As I’ve been trying to master this asana for a couple of weeks now, here’s what I think are the key things to be remembered for you to finally nail this beautiful pose!

  • Take your time. No one’s rushing you.
  • It isn’t just about arm strength. It’s engaging your core, at all times. I’m 56 kilograms heavy but I’ve never felt lighter ever before than in this pose!
  • Don’t forget to breathe. You are alive, you are supposed to be breathing.
  • Keep the gaze forward. This will help you focus.
  • Lean forward. Do not overthink. Just do it! You may put a block in front of you if that helps you to be more at ease, or feel safer.
  • Most importantly, if you do fall, it’s never the end of it. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Kaye Carreos, March 2018 YTT weekend warrior

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