By Ly Nguyen – 200hr Weekday May’ 2014

Bhramari Pranayama is called “Bee Breath” because of the typical humming sound of a bee. We are able to practise any time (day and night) in a day, any where such as in office, in school, at home.

Bhramari Pranayama is very effective if we practise daily :

–          To help us to relieve anger.

–          The people can suffer hypertention as calm down in mind.

–          To Relief headache and pain.

–          To improve concentrate and good memory.

–          To build confident.

–          To reduce blood pressure.

How to practise Bhramari Pranayama everyday ?

–          Sit up straight as comfortable as possible, lenghthen the spine, chest up.

–          To keep your mind to focus to eyes chakra.

–          Eyes close

–          Breath through the nostril, sound seems to come through the nostril.

–          Close your ears with thumbs. Two index fingers place on the forehead. The rest of 3 fingers should be together and place on the eyes and take a deep breath.

–          This is very good  for heart pressure, for heart problems, for block in the heart. This is pranayama, It is extremely usefull.

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