Bhagavad Gita-Yoga is no religion

Vol 2 Chapter VII Verse 21-22
(21) Whatever embodiment (a God-incarnate, a saint, or a deity) a devotee strives faithfully to worship, it is I who make his devotion unflinching.
(22) Absorbed in that devotion, intent on the worship of that embodiment, the devotee thus gains the fruits of his longings. Yet those fulfillments are verily granted by Me alone.
These verses explain why Yoga is not and has no religion. To put it in the lowest layman term, Yoga is universal. I strongly vouched for that. I’m a Catholic, converted and baptized in Year 2003. Even then, before getting in touch with Yoga, I used to think that all Gods are One God and they’re just different forms of manifestation to reach out to us, poor spiritually bound people.
Going to Church every Sunday meant a follow up email to the Priest delivering the sermon for that day ( if the priest engaged in a deliverance which I deem to be more religion discriminating than the Holy words of God). Subsequently, I stopped going to Church as the discrimination became more common.
Going into Yoga has opened up a wide array of Universe for me. The non selfishness of the mentioning of other religions and verses from the Bible in the Bhagavad Gita has put me to more confidence that my belief system was not twisted at all. Remembering what I heard from my Master once, “If God is nowhere, he must be somewhere. If God is somewhere, he cannot be nowhere.”
I do not intent this article to be at all critical or discriminating. But all those talks about, ” come to my religion, and if you die, you will go to Heaven”, ” Believe in me and then I will make your wishes come true.” are somewhat increasingly manifesting through the misconception and twisting of the Lord’s holy words. They are twisted by man for Their own benefits, power, wealth, organization and bureaucracy.
So if Yoga is devilish, Satanic whereby the calming if the mind invites devil into us, doesn’t it mean that God does not reside or protect us from the devil as well? If going into any other religions means the poor human cannot go to heaven after death, doesn’t it mean that the ‘other Gods’ are so lowly? This has been a constant debate with my partner. I do not think any religion or Holy words would teach a man to be discriminating any other religions.
As it is clearly described in the selfless Bhagavad Gita that any devotee fervently worshipping God in any form will have the manifestation of the Omniprescence coming to them, answering their prayers and doubt.
Henceforth, Yoga has no religion and it is universal. It is a set of practices and system to guide the individual to liberation. There’s no discrimination, no human made perceptions on being bias.

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