Bhagavad Gita – The Yoga Practitioner

Vol 2 – Chapter VI Verse 37-39, Verse 40
Arjuna said:
(37)O Krishna! What happens to a person unsuccessful in yoga – one who has devotedly tried to meditate but has been unable to control himself because his mind kept running away during yoga practice?
(38) Doesn’t the Yogi perish like a sundered cloud if he finds not the way to Brahman (Spirit) – being thus unsheltered in HIM and steeped in delusion, sidetracked from both paths (the one of God-union and the one of right activities?
(39) Please remove forever all my doubts, O Krisna! For none save Thee may banish my uncertainties.
The blessed Lord said:
(40) O Arjuna, My son! A performer of good actions never meets destruction. Whether in this world or beyond, he falls not into evil plight.
When I read these verses, I was filled with awe. This is not the first time that I find consolation and light whenever I need a solution.  It seems that there is not a need to speak to anyone, not even a whisper to nature, and yet, the answers always come to me.
Very often, dejection, frustration seeps in and resides for a long time within me when my mind is not still. During Asana practice, during meditation, during pranayama… and even when I am performing my daily activities, my mind is somewhere else, working on another. “I want to have that bag”, “I feel like eating this and that”, “ooohh I have a craving”…
Material doubt and what I like to call ‘sense-full’ attachments are constant temptations to me. Even doing charity, I would ponder if it is for awareness creation or purely from the heart. If it is for awareness creation, I would not proceed any further as I do not want to stand to gain from my actions.
This may seem exaggerating to many who is reading this article now. But if we are observant enough in our actions, we stop living in denial. Denying that we are performing certain actions for self-gain (to satisfy ourselves that we ‘are’ kind) or for awareness creation (to show anyone or our peers that we are charitable and philanthropic) or simply to satisfy our ego (“you are poorer than me”, “I offered you something”).
Many times I feel that I am living in a world of delusion or in my world of delusion. Either way, it causes a lot of confusion within me. What is right and what is wrong?
The answer the blessed Lord gave to Arjuna is like a light shining in front of my path. It tells me I can be resilient and keep trying as I am going towards the right direction.  There is no need for any despair as long as I sincerely keep trying. As long as I remain vigilant that if I stray away, I will keep coming back on the same path and all “sense-full” temptation, material possessions and attachments are only there to obstruct my path. With the resilience and sublimation of all these obstructions, I may not be able to attain my Goal but at least, I shall not fall into the evil plight and allow myself to be a target for disease and sufferings.

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