Bhagavad Gita – 'All Men and Women are actors and Actresses'

Vol 1 Chapter 3 Verse 25-26
(25)O descendant of Bharata (Arjuna), as the ignorant performs actions with attachment and hope of reward, so the wise should act with dispassionate non attachment, to serve gladly as a guide for multitudes
(26) Under no circumstances should the wise disturb the understanding of ignorant person who are attached to actions. Instead, the illumined being, by conscientiously performing activities, should inspire the ignorant a desire for all dutiful actions.
Reading these two verses and the passage in the Gita reminds me of a phrase. “The world’s a stage and all men and women are actors and actresses.”
The performer who attaches his actions to his reward is subjected to his own suffering. As with success or failure, both reap the same consequence. Misery. A performer who successfully reaps what he sows, feels very happy and satisfied.. This form of joy and satisfaction are only moment lasting as the Egoistic material mind will create yet more cycles for the performer to sow when that sense for the moment wears off. A performer who has failed to reap what he sow felt equally miserable as dejection seeps in. He may not try as the failure was too great for him to bear and his fear and ego prevents him from trying again.
The Gita uses the example of a boy building his playhouse and then tears it down just so that he can be kept busy playing. This nonchalant interest of the boy reflects clearly of not being attached.
Many people today rate our life worth by prestige, finances, status, wealth and title. This rating is unnecessary as the rate itself is not fixed, for the greedy gets greedier and the materialists gets more materialistic. The attachment of the ego driven performer drives the performer round in circles. The spiritual aspirant who performs action with non attachments find themselves free from this evil vicious cycle. The non attachment to the end results for every action performed is a display of nonchalant interest. This second type of performer do not reside in their own misery as, life to them is like a play. He does not feel misery nor supreme joy nor suffering as he merely performs his duties or actions with no conditions. These performers are like inspirations to the material driven who only, to dismay, seek their own misery.
The aspirant should however, not interfere with the ignorant as there will be further attachments and complications. He or She should continue to perform the actions required of them with no attachments and conditions.

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